11 Feng Shui tips to attract love and romance

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In today’s fast-paced, high-stress world, romance sometimes gets put on the back burner.

But even if you’re single and dating isn’t your top priority right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t find love.

With Feng Shui for love, you can attract love and romance into your life seemingly effortlessly!

1) Make your bed a sanctuary

If you want to attract love into your life, the first thing you need to do is make your bed a sanctuary.

This means keeping it clean and tidy at all times and making it a place where you can feel totally relaxed.

Your bed should be a place where you can totally let go and feel safe.

If you’re single and don’t have a significant other to share your bed with, this is all the more important.

Making your bed a sanctuary will allow you to let go of any stress and anxiety on a daily basis.

Having a clean and tidy bed to rest in every night will bring you one step closer to attracting love.

Now: there are a few ways you can go about this.

One Feng Shui tip is to actually get a nice and sturdy headboard. This is supposed to help you feel safe and secure in your bed.

Another Feng Shui tip is to get a nice, fluffy bedspread that you can snuggle into.

Making your bed a sanctuary will make it easier to feel relaxed and at peace each night before you drift off to sleep.

To really make sure that your bed is a sanctuary, make it a priority to keep your bed linen fresh and clean, and wash them regularly.

The bed is supposed to be the most romantic place in your house, so making your bed a sanctuary is sure to invite love into your life!

2) Add pink and red hues to your bedroom

If you want to attract a romantic or loving partner into your bed, you need to make your bedroom a vibrant and welcoming space.

That’s why you’ll often see brightly colored rooms in hotels and B&Bs.

Studies have shown that pink and red are two colors that elicit feelings of love and romance in humans.

Add pink and red hues to your bedroom by adding a warm pink throw on your bed, or by painting one wall red.

You can also add a few pieces of pink or red art to your wall.

However, I know that those are not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea.

Not everyone wants to have pink and red in their bedroom, let alone paint a whole wall in that color.

The thing is, for Feng Shui to work, you don’t need to paint an entire wall. It’s already enough to add a pink candle, decoration, or throw to your bedroom.

So, if you don’t want to paint a whole wall pink or red, it’s enough to add a few small touches of that color to your bedroom.

Colors can really influence our brain and our mood. This is even backed up by research.

So, adding pink and red hues to your bedroom will make your bedroom a romantic and welcoming place.

If you want to be more productive, for instance, you could add green hues to your bedroom.

I know that pink and red hues don’t seem like the most natural choice for a guy’s bedroom, for instance.

However, there are plenty of other options you can use to make your bedroom a romantic space.

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3) Get rid of the TV in the bedroom

Now, this may seem odd, but it’s actually a very common Feng Shui tip for love.

By placing a TV in the bedroom, you’re causing conflict between you and your love interest.

The TV will be an obstruction between you and your partner, and the constant noise will prevent you from hearing your partner’s desires and needs.

The bedroom is a sacred place.

It’s a place where you and your partner can be truly and totally intimate with one another.

The bedroom is not a place for the TV. It’s not a place for noise or distraction.

There’s nothing more distracting than the constant noise of a TV in the background.

And the thing is, if you have had a TV in the bedroom before, you know how it goes: at night, you switch on a show and go to sleep, romance being the least of your concerns.

When you wake up in the morning, the TV is still on, and you’re not even sure whether it was on all night.

The TV will draw your attention away from your partner. It will make it harder for you to hear what your partner needs from you and harder for you to give them what they need.

So, get rid of the TV and other distractions in your bedroom to make it a more romantic space.

Trust me, once you don’t have a TV in the bedroom anymore, you and your partner will actually get to talk more again, be more intimate, and have more fun together.

You won’t miss out on your shows, don’t worry. It’s much more important to connect with your partner and have fun together than to spend the whole evening in front of the TV.

4) Remove photos of friends and family from the bedroom

This is another Feng Shui tip that, when followed, will help you attract love and romance into your bedroom.

As soon as you walk into a bedroom, your eye is drawn to the photos on the wall.

If you have photos of friends and family, the first thing your eye will notice is that, if you have photos of you and your friends, the first thing your eye will notice is that.

Therefore, if you want to attract a romantic partner into your bedroom, you need to remove all photos of friends and family from the room.

Now, it’s not bad to have photos of friends or family, everyone likes to be reminded of their loved ones, I get it!

The bedroom, however, is not the place to put those photos.

You see, nothing kills the mood more than feeling almost watched by the photos of friends and family in your bedroom.

So, remove those photos of your friends and family from the room and put them somewhere else, like in a hallway or living room.

That way, you’ll have a clear mind when you’re in the bedroom with your partner. You won’t feel as if there are “prying eyes” watching you or judging you when you’re intimate with your partner.

But not just that, your partner will feel more comfortable, too!

You see, when you remove photos of friends and family, you truly shift the focus on romance in the bedroom.

You’re telling yourself and your partner that the bedroom is a place to be intimate, not to be watched.

In fact, you should even remove photos of you and your ex if they are still in the room. Remove them right away.

Don’t even think about it twice. If a photo of an ex is still in the room, it will subconsciously remind you of them and your past relationships when you’re with a new partner.

It’s better to remove all photos from the room than to have one photo that will ruin the whole mood for you!

If you want photos in your room, pick happy photos of you and your current partner.

This will bring the right energy into the bedroom, and leave you with a positive outlook on love and romance.

5) Use dimmer lights and softer colors

Another Feng Shui tip for love is to use dimmer lights and softer colors in your bedroom.

The brighter and more vibrant the colors in your bedroom, the bolder and stronger your energy will be.

If you want to attract a loving partner into your bedroom, you need to tone down the brightness of the room.

Darker, softer colors will help to calm your energy, making it easier for your love interest to approach you.

Dimmed lights will also make it easier for you and your partner to fully let go and relax.

It’s no coincidence that candlelight and dimmed lights are seen as romantic.

Candlelight and dimmed lights are used in love scenes in movies because they help to create a romantic ambiance.

They help to create the mood for love, just like how you want your bedroom to be.

If you don’t have dimmer lights, you can use curtains or blinds to reduce the brightness of the room.

You can also put up soft, dark colors on your bedroom walls. Or if you really want it to feel romantic, try putting up a canopy bed with soft, translucent curtains around it!

If you add fairy lights to that, you will have a perfectly dimmed room.

Not only will this help you attract love into your life, but it will also induce a romantic mood when you’re with your current partner!

6) Use flowers to attract love

Flowers have long been associated with love and romance.

By using flowers in your bedroom, you’ll be able to attract love and romance into your life.

It’s not just the physical presence of flowers that will help attract love into your life, but also the fragrance and energy of the flowers.

When it comes to which flowers you should use, you have plenty of options.

As a general rule, you should use bright, vibrant flowers that have a strong, sweet fragrance.

Some of the best flowers for the bedroom are: roses, orchids, tulips, lilies, and sunflowers.

You see, flowers are a representation of love, they are also seen as the ultimate gift for a lover.

When you use flowers in your bedroom, it’s not just the physical presence of the flower that will help attract love into your life, but also the energy and fragrance of the flower.

The bright colors and sweet fragrance of flowers are a sign of fertility and prosperity.

Flower power is especially strong during springtime.

This is because spring is a time that nature is bursting with new life and new growth, which makes it an ideal time for romance to blossom.

However, flowers also invite you to fall in love with yourself. You see, if you don’t have a partner at the moment, but you keep getting yourself fresh flowers, you are putting exactly the energy out into the world that you want to attract back to you.

You will be attracting love into your life through the power of flowers.

Just like everything else on this list, if you have a partner, you should use flowers in your bedroom.

Not only does it make the room smell nice and help you feel more relaxed, but it also makes for a romantic atmosphere.

There is something about the smell of fresh flowers that just screams romance!

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7) Place artwork that depicts love in your home

A great way to attract love into your life is to place artwork that depicts love in your home.

For example, if you’re single and want to attract love, you can place an image of two people in love in your bedroom.

Alternatively, you could place a painting of rose petals in your living room.

The image you choose should be relevant to you. It should depict the type of love you’re looking for.

Because love is such a powerful emotion, artwork depicting love will help to attract that energy into your life. It will help you to see and feel love all around you.

Now, this doesn’t have to be anything cheesy, you could even take a painting that is simply a mix of colors, nothing in particular, as long as the colors inspire you and make you think of love.

Anything that makes you think of love will do the trick.

When you see the painting, you will be reminded of love and romance and will attract it into your life.

8) Use candles (especially red and pink ones)

Candles have long been used to attract love and romance.

They emit a strong, soothing energy that helps you to relax and feel comfortable in your own skin.

To attract love into your life, you should use candles made from red and pink wax.

Red and pink are colors that are associated with love.

These colors are often used in wedding decorations and invitations because they’re so commonly associated with love.

In your home, red and pink candles will not only add the touch of pink and red (which we talked about earlier), but they will also help to dim your bedroom and make it candle-lit.

What is more romantic than that?

However, even if you are not a fan of lighting candles, having them as mere decoration is already suggesting romance and love.

Just because you don’t want to burn candles, doesn’t mean you can’t add them to your life as decorations.

Candles represent love, whether they are lit or not!

9) Remove any objects of previous love

If you’ve had previous partners or relationships, it’s important to remove any traces of them from your life.

This includes removing objects that they used regularly.

For example, if your previous partner used to wear a certain cologne, you should throw away the bottle.

You should also remove any posters or photos of them from your bedroom.

But not just that, if they gifted you with something that you are displaying in your bedroom, now might be the time to change things up.

Having a physical reminder of your past loves in your home can be very distracting.

It can prevent you from finding new love and moving on from your past. It can also make it difficult for a new partner to find a place in your heart.

Plus, it can really take a toll on your romance.

Think about it: your new partner is in your bed and all they are constantly reminded of is your ex because there is an object that belonged to them or they gave to you.

So, it’s important to remove any objects that remind you of your past love.

This also sends out the sign that you are now ready for new love and romance to come into your life!

10) Increase the privacy in your bedroom

Privacy is a very important concept in Feng Shui.

By increasing the privacy in your bedroom, you’ll help to attract love and romance into your life.

Open doors, such as an open bathroom door or an open closet door, are considered to be very unprivate.

Therefore, they can prevent love and romance from entering your life.

To help attract love and romance, you should make your bedroom as private as possible.

Close the bathroom door. Close the closet door. You can also place a curtain or a blind over your window.

This will help to keep the light from outside from creeping into your room and disrupting the privacy of your space.

You can also try to make your bedroom appear larger by removing clutter.

Why is this important?

Well, the bedroom is a private place, especially when it comes to love and romance.

Having privacy immediately suggests the option of being intimate with your partner.

This can help to increase the chances of your relationship being a successful one.

11) Add a mirror to the bedroom (but not directly facing the bed)

Mirrors can have a very positive effect on relationships, especially if they’re placed in the bedroom.

Mirrors can be used as a tool to help you see yourself as attractive to others or to see your partner as attractive.

However, mirrors should not be placed directly in front of the bed.

This is because it can disrupt your sleep and cause you to feel too self-conscious. According to Feng Shui, that might also invite third parties into your relationship.

A mirror placed above a desk or a table is fine though. This will help you to see how you look above any clutter on your dresser or nightstand.

What now?

Feng Shui for love and romance doesn’t have to be hard or complicated.

In fact, all you really have to do is follow a few simple tips and tricks.

All you have to do is make your bed a sanctuary, add pink and red hues to your bedroom, get rid of the TV in the bedroom, remove photos of friends and family from the bedroom, use dimmer lights and softer colors, or any of the other tips I mentioned above.

If you follow these simple steps, you’ll notice a difference in your love life almost instantly. All it takes is the desire to attract love, and the willingness to follow these Feng Shui tips.

Once you do that, you will notice that attracting love and romance can be effortless, you simply need to know how to go about it all.

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