15 reasons why a Virgo man is hot and cold with you

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It’s been said that Virgos are attracted to intelligent people who will help them grow and improve.

And while you may have guessed that a Virgo man is the king of rational thinking, it turns out that they’re awkward around emotions.

A Virgo man may not entirely express it, so let’s try to decode him and talk about the 15 reasons why he’s being hot and cold with you.

1) He feels he’s being pressured

If he doesn’t feel fully comfortable, it’s likely that he’ll go on the defensive.

As a Virgo man, kind of a perfectionist by nature, all it takes is just one thing to make him feel like a failure.

If you’ve been seeing this man for quite some time now and you’ve been dropping hints that you want to take things to the next level, trust me, you might want to make it clear to him that you’re not asking him to propose.

He’ll appreciate that you care about your relationship, but he doesn’t like being pressured. Be careful not to make him feel like you’re all about the chase and the relationship part is something you’re all about.

2) He wants to know he’s special

A Virgo man doesn’t do anything in half measures. He’s all or nothing, but his romantic side is a little more difficult to deal with than his professional side.

This man can become very nervous if he feels like he’s not good enough for you. On the other hand, he becomes distant if he feels like you’re giving him lukewarm attention which might have a different meaning to him.

Virgo men hate being left out and will make sure that you understand this by putting a lid on his emotions.

Keep this in mind: He wants to know that he’s special in your eyes – so if he notices that you’re dragging your feet when it comes to getting close, he’ll make a move and start being cold.

3) He needs more reassurance than you’d think

Even though he might seem like a confident man who never loses his cool, in reality, he’s a very sensitive person who might be afraid that you’ll choose someone else over him.

A Virgo man is very selective when it comes to relationships, so he knows how lucky he is to have caught your attention. He’ll do everything in his power to keep you, even if that means pushing you away.

He has a very active imagination and he might be afraid that you’ll be seeing someone else behind his back.

So here’s another reason why your Virgo man is being hot and cold – you’re not giving him enough attention or reassurance that he’s special to you.

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5) He has a hard time being vulnerable

Virgos are known for their rationality, but when it comes to relationships, they will have a very hard time opening up and telling you how he feels about you.

A Virgo man might not be able to admit how happy he is to have found someone like you, especially if that person is busy with other things in life. It might seem silly, but it’s important for him to feel heard and cared by you.

Your Virgo man may be afraid to show his true feelings, so he’s likely to push you away as a way of protecting himself.

He’ll withdraw emotionally, even if it hurts him deeply. He needs time to think about what’s going on and how he feels about you.

Ultimately, you can’t help him if he won’t let you in. You have to respect his need for privacy and the space he needs to figure out the magic formula behind your relationship.

6) You’ve been playing “the game”

For a Virgo man, relationships are about trust and loyalty and if he feels you’re keeping secrets from him or if you’ve been “playing the game” with him, he’ll be suspicious of your intentions. He may even get back to being cold with you, feeling that he was being played with and nobody’s on his side.

It’s important to remember that you’re both in this for the long haul when it comes to a real relationship – and that means both committed partners are going through the ups and downs together.

If he doesn’t feel supported, he might start caring about someone else he can rely on. A Virgo man needs to feel like he’s not the only one who has feelings for you.

7) He’s more intellectual than emotional

He may not have the swagger that his hot friends have, but he’s well aware of his intellectual side. And he knows that it comes with a price: emotional detachment.

And that’s okay sometimes. Because he knows how to fake being emotional, but you’re not going to be fooled into thinking it’s real.

It just means there’s a different sort of challenge for you: proving he can trust you and fall in love with your emotions.

They need someone who can talk their language – logic and reasoning – without giving up any emotional sentiment.

However, your Virgo man may need to understand to be willing to give up the idea of being a hyper-rational thinker in favor of being a warm, understanding, and all-around compassionate man.

8) He’ll want to find out more about you

As I’ve mentioned before, your Virgo man is a very analytical person who doesn’t move forward until he can explain things fully.

He’ll be slow in getting to know you and if he feels like you’re hiding something from him, that might make him an emotional coward.

No wonder he knows how to break up with someone without hurting them, so let him know that you appreciate his logical analysis. However, remember that he will offer a lot more emotional support if you show him that there are no secrets between you.

Your Virgo man is likely to get jealous, as he’ll want to know more about the people you’re hanging out with. He’ll be interested in all of your activities and will want to come along with you.

But don’t take it as something annoying – this is his way of showing his interest in you and wanting to understand where your lives overlap so he can fit in.

9) He’s a tough cookie

We all love a tough cookie, but that’s not what this is.

Your Virgo man might be the only one who cares about you and your well-being. And he’s not afraid of making tough decisions for you. He loves teaching and showing people how to be better, and that’s why he’ll come across as being a little tough on the outside.

But remember, there is a sensitive side of him that you can get to know after gaining his trust. With time, you can break through his shell and get to the heart of the problems that are holding him back from being happy with you.

And he’ll do everything to make sure you’re happy and engaged with life.

He won’t only be your shoulder to cry on, but he will also be there for you every step of the way. Virgos are amazing people and they’ve got a lot to offer the world – but it’s only if they would let themselves be open to it.

10) He’s all about independence

Virgo men are independent, rational and analytical people who want to be in charge of their lives.

But they need people to take care of them sometimes, so they don’t have to worry about everything all the time. And when the time comes for you to make decisions that may affect him, he’s not afraid of it.

He needs you to ask for his opinion and have faith in his judgment.

This is not to say that he won’t support you or help you in any way, since Virgos are very independent people.

Simply put, they have their own ideas about the world and what’s good for them, and they don’t really care if you like it or not.

He’ll do things that might shock you, because he’s not afraid to take charge and stand up for himself. But he also knows when it comes to love, he has his limits as well.

If you give him the space and encouragement to explore his own life, he will eventually realize that you’re his perfect match.

11) He’s not sure what he wants right now

Here’s a brutal truth:

Your Virgo man may be in a place in his life right now where he’s not sure what he wants. Or where he isn’t ready for a relationship because of his emotions.

He might be confused about whether he’s ready to get into a serious relationship or not and your love life can act as a catalyst for him to figure out his feelings.

With this, he may want you to do something small that will trigger a memory because it reminds him of something that makes him very emotional in the past.

Your Virgo man knows that he wants something out of life, but he doesn’t know how to go about looking for it.

He’ll spend a lot of time trying to figure out his style. He can’t be fully happy unless he would decide what is truly important for him in life and what doesn’t affect him in any way.

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12) He’s a workaholic

Your Virgo man can be a workaholic. He’ll want to make sure that he gets everything done in time.

This man is usually very punctual and he doesn’t like to keep people waiting for him.

He’s an expert when it comes to time management and he knows how to plan things out in advance. He can get very stressed after making a mistake or getting something wrong, because he will want to make up for it.

But make sure that you give him the acknowledgment that he deserves for all the hard work he puts in. He’ll be very surprised when you tell him how much you appreciate all his efforts.

His career may be the only thing that he knows well in life, so make sure that he has a way to let you in on what he’s not telling you.

Don’t let his busyness in his career get in the way of the possible connection between you.

13) He’s still hurting from his past relationship

A Virgo man who’s hot and cold may end up being like this because, in his past relationship, he might have been hurt.

He most likely feels like he can’t be himself around the woman that he loved, but everything is fine on the outside.

He can be very self-conscious and critical of people as well. And because he’s not able to express himself properly, this Virgo man may get angry and lash out at people for what they’re doing wrong.

Give him the space that he needs and the opportunity to take his time to heal from the previous relationship. As he would want to avoid doing something stupid, this is also what he needs.

Let him have his own pace – one that he would prefer – you will see eventually that he will warm up to you again.

14) You offended him in some ways

You see, your Virgo man may be very sensitive when you say something that makes him feel like you think less of him.

It’s not necessarily something that you do on purpose.

But if you say something about his appearance or the way he acts that makes him uncomfortable, he’ll get easily offended and defensive.

Be careful on what you do, because everyone has a good side and a bad side to himself/herself. Your Virgo guy is no exception to this rule.

Go ahead and ask him if he’s okay, as he may just need someone to talk to. And letting him know that you’re there for him could be the best thing you can do for your Virgo man.

15) He keeps you as an option

A Virgo man that keeps you as an option may be trying to let you know on a subtle level that he’s not ready to get into a relationship with you.

He wants to have his options open in case the opportunity presents itself.

And while this can be very frustrating, it’s better than trying to deal with him being overly aggressive and saying things that you don’t want him to say.

Truth be told, he will stay hot and cold until he happens to find a woman good enough for him. But if he has to work hard for her, then that’s what he’ll do.

Final thoughts

Your Virgo man can be very hot and cold.

This is because he will take his time and give you the attention that you need, rather than rushing things.

If your relationship gets too demanding, it may end up being a deal breaker for him and he’ll go back to being a hot and cold man.

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