When you miss someone do they miss you too? 11 signs they do

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Almost always, when we miss someone, we automatically wonder whether these feelings are mutual.

Do they miss us too? Is there any chance they might be thinking about us when we miss them?

These are some of the questions we frequently ask ourselves. Sadly, answering them is confusing and challenging as it’s completely based on our instincts.

But what if I told you there’s an actual way to understand whether someone misses you too when you miss them?

If this sounds appealing, let me share 11 signs indicating that they do miss you.

Keep in mind that all of these signs are based on the advice a gifted advisor shared with me recently. So, in this article, I’ll also let you know how a professional advisor can help you during this challenging time.

1) You feel happier when you think of them

Have you ever noticed a sudden increase in your mood whenever you think of your loved one?

Well, this is one of the first signs that they miss you, too.

Let me explain how this works.

When you miss someone, your mind tends to think about them more often than usual. This is because our brain tries to connect to their energy and feel their presence.

And the reason why this makes you feel happy is that during that time, your energy actually reaches them.

The result?

This person starts to miss you right at the exact moment you miss them.

I know this sounds impressive but that’s the way it works.

When we miss someone, we often want to avoid thinking about them because missing them – and the associated pain – can become too much to bear.

People often want to repress their feelings about the person because it’s too painful to continue thinking about them.

But if you find yourself feeling happier when you think of the person, this is a great sign that they’re on your mind. It indicates that you miss them but are enjoying that feeling instead of trying to suppress it.

Therefore, when you think about them more often than usual, it’s a sign that they miss you too.

This is even true if they’re physically not around, because our minds can connect with them from any distance.

So, the next time you miss them, try to focus on how happy you feel whenever you think of them.

And if you do this often enough, this will become a habit, which will help you understand whether they miss you too.

2) They come to mind at random times during the day

Not only do you feel happier whenever you start thinking about them, but this one particular person also comes to mind at random times during the day.

Sounds familiar?

If so, then you’re probably wondering why this happens and whether it’s in connection with the fact that you miss them.

Also, you might be wondering whether this is a sign that you’ve missed them or just a coincidence.

The truth is that it can be both. We, as humans, are complex creatures, and our minds work in mysterious ways.

In other words, when we miss someone, we automatically think about them more often than usual. This also applies to the fact that they also come to mind at random times during the day. In other words, it can be both a sign of missing them and a coincidence.

So, what does it mean when this person randomly comes to your mind throughout the day?

This means you’re not the only one who thinks about this person. This person also thinks about you.

The thing is that if you really miss someone, you’ll feel a strong desire to reconnect with them and be in their company again.

This is most common when you break up with someone because breaking up is the worst thing you can do to someone you care about.

If you miss this person dearly, you’ll want to be with them again and make amends. You’ll want to talk to them, see them, and get back in touch with them in some way.

And you know what?

This is a good indicator that you miss them and want to be in their lives again. This is a great sign that you miss them and that you care about them a lot.

If you miss someone, you’ll want to get back in touch with them and reconnect with them again.

But most importantly, this is a spiritual sign from the universe that this person is also missing you when you’re thinking about them.

3) They appear in your dreams

Let me take a wild guess.

As the desire for this person gets stronger and stronger in you, you start seeing them in your dreams.

Does this sound like something that’s happening to you these days?

Well, if you miss someone and you had a dream about them, this is a pretty clear sign they miss you too.

And as I figured out, there is a reason why this happens.

Dreams are the place where our subconscious and conscious selves come together to communicate with each other. They can give us a lot of insight into what our subconscious is thinking.

When a specific person shows up in your dreams, it indicates that you’re thinking about that person and how much they mean to you.

However, dreams are often so symbolic that it can be tricky to decipher exactly how they relate to your waking life, but the fact that this person appears in your dreams indicates that you’re thinking about them.

This is a great indicator that you miss the person and want them to be a part of your life again.

Why am I so sure?

Well, recently I was confused about the content of my dreams and decided to reach out to professionals in the field to decode their meaning.

Even though I was thinking of receiving help from a psychologist, my friend advised me to try gifted advisors at Psychic Source. And they definitely surprised me.

The real-life psychic that I spoke to provided personalized guidance and professionally explained the hidden meaning of my confusing dream.

They taught me that when our subconscious realizes that we miss someone, it tries to tell us something by making them appear in our dreams.

So, if you also want to understand the hidden meaning of your dreams and find out whether they miss us too, maybe you should keep in touch with those gifted advisors.

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4) You’re constantly aware of when they’ll be around next

This one is also related to the way the universe communicates between the energies of two souls. But in order to understand whether it’s something that’s actually happening between you too, I want you to think in this direction:

Do you somehow feel whenever this person is going to be around you when you miss them?

Have you ever wondered or felt the same way?

If you have, this might be another strong sign they miss you too.

Let me explain how this works.

If the person you’re missing so much also misses you, in this case, the universe will let you know when they’ll be around next.

This awareness can come in many forms, such as seeing them on your Facebook feed or hearing a song that reminds you of them.

In either case, if you miss someone, you’ll probably want to know when they’ll be around next. I

If you’re in school, at work, or some other type of ongoing commitment, you may not know exactly when this person will be at your place of work or in your class.

You may not be able to make plans with them or know exactly when you’ll see them again, but you’ll want to be aware of when they’ll be around next.

This is a good indicator that you miss the person and that they’ll be in your life again soon.

When you miss someone, you’ll want to be aware of their schedule and their next appearance because you’ll want to be around them as soon as possible.

This is a great sign that you miss someone and that they mean a lot to you.

But you know what else?

The fact that you’re constantly aware of when they’ll around next mean that this person is also missing you right at the moment when you think about them.

5) You feel their presence physically and energetically even when they’re not around

I know how hard it can be when someone is not around you anymore and you miss them. But have you ever felt the strange sensation when they’re not around, but you feel as though they’re still there with you?

Have you ever felt that they are present in a different way than when they are actually there?

This happens because the energy of someone who misses you is stronger. The stronger the energy, the more visible it is to others. It can be so strong that others might even sense your loved one’s presence even when they’re not around.

This is one of the most common signs that your loved one misses you too.

But don’t forget that it may also be a sign of something else, like their physical presence nearby or even their spiritual connection to you.

The thing is that sometimes it is hard to differentiate between our imagination and reality, but if you feel their presence physically and energetically even when they are not around, this is a strong indicator that they miss you.

This can come in the form of visions or even a dream. But if you believe this is real, it’s actually true.

That’s why I need you to believe that feeling their presence physically and energetically even when they’re not around can be a great indicator that this person misses you.

And this, in turn, means that you’re not the only one who misses them.

Keep in mind that this is an obvious sign if you haven’t been exposed to any other signs yet.

But if they do miss you too, they might actually be thinking about you all the time, and therefore, your energies are bound to cross paths on occasion even when they’re not physically present with you in person.

So, make sure to pay attention to all these signs in order to avoid confusion and misinterpretation.

As a result, this will help both of you understand each other better and communicate more effectively at times like these.

6) Your mood changes without having any particular reason

Have you ever experienced mood swings?

You know, it’s like you’re in a fantastic mood, and suddenly, for no reason, you start feeling sad or anxious. Or vice versa, you’re in a bad mood and you can’t figure out why.

Psychologists often explain this symptom by pointing to significant life changes such as moving, getting married, or even a bad day at work.

But sometimes it can be due to missing your ex.

When you miss someone, they become part of your life again. They might be gone physically, but they still exist in your mind and heart.

When you miss them, the memories of them come back to you in the form of thoughts and emotions.

Consequently, the way you feel changes too. You might get sad or happy for no particular reason.

But why does your mood change all of a sudden? You already know that this person is gone and you’re adapted to the fact that you miss them, right?

Indeed, at a first glance, there’s no reason for sudden mood swings.

But guess what?

It turns out that mood changes without any particular reason are one of the most common signs that people miss you and are thinking about you.

And this is exactly why you can’t regulate your mood whenever this particular person comes to your mind.

7) Their absence doesn’t make you feel lonely and sad

You’re probably aware of the fact that missing someone often results in physical and physiological symptoms such as an ache in your chest or a lump in your throat.

At least, that’s what studies prove — whenever you miss someone and your feelings are hurt, you experience chest pain.

But what if their absence doesn’t make you feel sad? What if you don’t experience any kind of pain but you do know that you miss this person so hard?

Is there anything that can explain this?

According to the advisor I mentioned earlier, the absence of physical symptoms and pain is one of the most common signs that they miss you.

Sounds impressive, right?

I know what you’re thinking right now. The idea that their absence doesn’t affect you physically is confusing. And you can’t understand why it doesn’t make you feel lonely or how it can mean that they miss you too.

But the real-life psychic from Psychic Source helped me understand that the reason why I wasn’t feeling sad in the exact situation was that the universe communicated my energy with that person.

That’s why I’m sure the same is happening to you.

Even if you’re not aware of it consciously, deep down your subconscious mind knows that you and this person are spiritually linked. There is a shift between your energy and this shift makes this person miss you too.

So, here’s the thing:

They miss you and as a result, they’re not feeling sad either.

I can’t tell you how inspired I felt once the gifted advisor explained that logic to me. That’s why I’d like you to give them a try and see if they also manage to surprise you with their personalized guidance.

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8) You sense the strange feeling of being watched

Okay, this one might seem a bit scary but if that person also misses you while you miss them, you might experience this strange feeling of being watched.

For example, you’re out with friends, you’re having a good time and suddenly you get the feeling that something isn’t right. You feel like someone is watching you and you don’t know why.

Or if you’re walking down the street and suddenly feel like someone is looking at you, there’s a chance this person misses you and is checking up on you.

In my case, I had such a feeling a few times when I was missing my partner. It was so strong that I even thought of calling the police because it felt so uncomfortable.

But then I remembered what my gifted advisor told me about the shift in energy levels in the universe. And I immediately realized that this feeling was related to the fact that my partner was missing me too.

Why am I so sure that it’s a sign of mutual feelings?

Because my partner told me that he had the same feeling when he was missing me.

Yes, you heard that right.

After reuniting with my partner, I asked him tons of questions about moments I was missing. And believe it or not, he told me that the same strange feeling occurred when he was missing me.

He sensed that someone was watching him and it made him feel vulnerable.

This is so interesting because it means that our energy levels are shifting at the same time. It’s almost like our energy fields are connected and we feel each other’s feelings, even when we’re on opposite sides of the world.

And now I’m sure that sensation of the strange feeling of being watched is a clear sign that someone misses you when you miss them.

So, don’t be afraid if you have the same feeling!

9) You sense a specific smell that reminds you of your loved one

Now let’s move on to coincidences that happen whenever you miss someone.

Perhaps not surprisingly, there are a lot of coincidences that take place when the universe is trying to tell you that someone misses you.

And smelling a specific smell that reminds you of your loved one is among those signs.

For example, if you’re missing your partner and then you smell their cologne or perfume, it could mean that they miss you.

Or you go to the movies and suddenly notice the scent of your loved one, there’s a chance they miss you and are connected to you through this energy level.

Why does this happen?

The reason this is one of the most common signs is that our sense of smell is extremely powerful.

It has the ability to create strong memories and trigger emotions in us that are difficult to ignore.

So, whenever we smell something that reminds us of someone, it’s likely to bring up those feelings again.

This coincidence can’t be happening without any reason! And if you’re sensing the smell of this particular person, I’m sure that’s because they miss you too.

10) You can’t hear their voice in your head

Now let me introduce another coincidence that happens when you miss someone and they miss you too.

Well, when you think about someone, you might hear their voice in your head. It’s quite normal, and it’s often triggered by the fact that you’ve heard their voice before.

However, if you have trouble hearing their voice or you never hear it when you miss them, this is a powerful sign.

It’s a clear sign that they miss you as much as you do. And this happens exactly at the same moment.

This is a sign they’re on your mind and that you’re emotionally connected to them.

You might even feel as if they are there with you, even when they’re not.

This is due to the fact that your emotions are so powerful that they make you feel like this person is physically touching you.

For example, after a long time without talking to your partner, you might start missing them, but when you think about them, you find it hard to imagine their voice in your head.

This is strange, but trust me, it’s a clear sign they miss you as much as you do.

11) You feel their presence when you miss them

And final, and one of the most obvious signs that someone misses you, is the feeling of their presence.

If you feel like they’re in the same room with you, if you feel their essence, if you feel a sudden rush of energy towards them – it’s a sign that they miss you too.

I mean, why should you feel their presence whenever they’re not around you?

Well, it’s because this person is so important to you that you’re subconsciously trying to feel their presence by any means necessary.

But most importantly, they’re thinking about you at the same time. And they’re also missing you.

So, another important sign indicating that they miss you as much as you do is the feeling of their presence when you’re missing them.

This is a strong feeling that makes you feel like this person is with you.

Final thoughts

All in all, there are multiple signs that you might experience whenever you miss someone. And if you experience a few of these signs at the same time, this is a clear indication that this person also misses you.

So remember: whether you’re feeling unexplained mood swings, consciences, or energy shifts, there’s no reason to be afraid because it’s very likely that these feelings are caused by the person you miss.

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