20 spiritual signs your ex-girlfriend misses you (and wants you back)

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Are you wondering whether there is a chance that your ex-girlfriend misses you and wants you back?

Well, lucky for you, you don’t have to keep wondering.

Here are 20 spiritual signs that she misses you and would love to have you back!

1) You dream about her

It sounds silly, but you can often know if your ex-girlfriend misses you just by the dreams you have about her.

If you dream about her a lot, she may be feeling the same way about you.

In fact, this is the number one thing that people dream about when they miss someone or want them back in their life!

I know, usually, dreams say more about your own feelings than about somebody else’s, but many people believe that your energy can actually influence someone else’s dreamscape.

Simply put: her missing you influences your subconscious in a way that makes her appear in your dreams.

This is especially true if you haven’t been thinking about her a lot and she showed up in your dreams out of the blue!

2) You get the hiccups

Have you ever heard the saying that when you have hiccups it means somebody is thinking about you?

Well, that special someone might be your ex-girlfriend!

When you get a hiccup, it’s almost like a “hint” to your subconscious that she is missing you.

And if your subconscious is picking up on this, then she must be thinking about you.

If you’re the one who gets the hiccups, you can simply try to think positive thoughts and focus on the positive aspects of your relationship.

However, there are many reasons why you might be experiencing hiccups:

  • eating too fast
  • drinking too fast
  • drinking carbonated drinks
  • taking medication that has hiccups as a side effect
  • etc.

If none of these apply to you, then she might really be thinking about you!

3) A gifted advisor confirms it

The points in this article will give you a good idea of whether or not your ex-girlfriend misses you.

But what if you’d like advice tailored to your unique situation?

A gifted advisor can answer all sorts of questions and give you the guidance you’re searching for.

Like, are they really your soulmate? Are you meant to be with them?

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After months of not feeling like myself, I was finally able to see my situation with better clarity and direction.

Not to mention, I was extremely impressed by how kind, empathetic, and understanding of my unique situation they were.

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In a reading, a gifted advisor can tell you whether your ex wants to get back together with you, and most importantly, empower you to make the right decisions when it comes to your life.

4) You feel like she is touching you (clairsentience)

If you feel like she is touching you, that can be a big sign of her missing you.

Have you heard of clairsentience?

It’s a way of sensing another person’s touch by “feeling” their energy.

If you have clairsentience, that means you can sense your ex-girlfriend touching you.

When you feel like your ex-girlfriend is touching you, it probably means that she misses you and wants to have you back.

In fact, sometimes people who are divorced or separated will say they feel like their partner is touching them even though they are physically far away from each other!

This could also be a sign that she wants to get back together, as it shows that she still feels like she has some connection with you.

This sign can be a bit creepy, especially if it’s your first time experiencing it.

5) You randomly sneeze

A sudden and unexpected burst of sneezes is a possible sign that your ex is missing you.

In some Asian cultures, it is believed that if you sneeze, it means somebody is thinking about you.

Again, your sneeze might stem from something completely different.

Do you have allergies?

Is there dust flying around?

Are you looking at something bright?

All these things can cause you to sneeze, so if that’s the reason, don’t read too much into it!

6) Your eyes are twitching

The next sign your ex-girlfriend misses you is when your eyes have been twitching randomly lately.

You see, when someone misses you, they send out energy.

Sometimes, that energy gets picked up and physically manifests.

Eye-twitching can be such a manifestation, believe it or not!

However, if the twitching persists, you might want to see a doctor and make sure that it is not caused by anything else!

7) Your mood swings inexplicably

Your mood swings are a telltale sign that you’re in deep with your ex and that she wants you back.

You’re probably feeling happy and sad, angry and excited.

You’ll feel intensely high when something good happens, but then feel low as soon as it’s over.

Your fluctuating emotions are all because of her, the fact that she misses you has an effect on your energy levels!

This might feel as if you’re going crazy, especially when you truly can’t find a reason for your sudden changes in mood.

In these cases, see how you feel. Maybe talking to a doctor or professional can give you more clarity on what is going on.

You should also make sure that these sudden changes in mood are not the result of something else, like a new medication or going through a difficult phase in life.

8) You’re suddenly hyper-aware of your ex

As your ex misses you, she sends out these unintentional signals that can be easily picked up on.

You might feel as if you are obsessively thinking about her, or even feeling jealous that she is not with you.

This is because she is sending out these messages to you!

It can get a bit creepy at times, but it’s completely normal to feel this way.

Your ex will also most likely notice this and think the same thing.

I mentioned earlier how speaking to a gifted advisor can reveal the truth about whether your ex-girlfriend misses you.

Rather than just analyzing the signs in the hopes of getting answers, a gifted advisor can give you real clarity on your situation.

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9) You feel the urge to reach out to her

One of the most common signs that your ex-girlfriend misses you is when you feel an urge to reach out to her.

It’s a natural instinct to want to bring people back into our lives who we care deeply about.

And while there are many reasons why you may want to reach out, this one is usually because they’re someone who has made a lasting impression on you.

If she was someone who was important in your life, then chances are she still occupies some of your thoughts from time to time.

This feeling can become so strong that it feels like it’s consuming you at times – and this is a surefire sign that she might be missing you too!

You might even find yourself reaching out just to see how things are going with her, or to see if there’s anything you can do for her.

The urge to reach out can come either from her attracting you, or the universe conspiring to bring you back together.

Either way, when you get these random urges, they shouldn’t be ignored.

Usually, there is something behind the sudden idea to reach out, and your intuition should not be ignored.

10) You can’t get her out of your head

If you can’t get your ex-girlfriend out of your head, then that’s a sign she misses you.

What it means is that you are on her mind and constantly coming to the forefront of her thoughts.

She might be thinking about how much she misses talking to you or how much she misses spending time with you when she was in a relationship with you.

This is often a good sign because this means that there is still something between the two of you, even if it’s just emotional feelings or memories.

Her energy is affecting you to the point that you feel like you’re thinking about her 24/7.

That is a huge sign to take the plunge and reach out to her!

11) You see a pink feather

Do you see a pink feather randomly in your life, like on the ground or on a bench?

This may be a sign that your ex-girlfriend is missing you.

In Native American culture, it is believed that seeing a feather or animal means that the animal spirit has come to give you a message from someone who cares about you.

But that feather does not need to be physical.

You might see it on a logo, on a billboard, on social media, or in a movie!

No matter how seeing a pink feather is not a coincidence!

So if you are wondering whether she misses you and wants to get back together with you, this could be the sign for you!

12) You hear your song everywhere

Another huge sign that your ex-girlfriend misses you and wants to get back together with you is when you keep hearing your song everywhere.

Do you know that song that you listened to when the two of you fell in love?

All of a sudden it’s everywhere:

  • on the radio
  • at the gym
  • at your friend’s house
  • played by a street band
  • etc.

While the song plays, you might feel like dancing or singing along with it.

It may bring back memories of you two slow dancing or singing together.

The lyrics may remind you of some deep conversation you had about your feelings for each other or something silly you said to make her laugh and smile.

You see, hearing your song play everywhere can be a nudge from the universe that she would love to get back together with you.

13) Your tarot cards tell you

Another way to tell whether or not she wants to get back together with you is by reading your tarot cards.

If you have been thinking about her, or if you are feeling a sense of sadness and longing when you think about her and how much she means to you, then it’s possible that your tarot cards are telling you that she misses you.

Tarot card reading can be a great way to see what is going on with your heart and mind.

When you do a reading either for yourself or with a professional, it can reveal what is going on in your ex’s mind and yours.

A few cards to look out for are:

  • Temperance tarot card
  • The hanged man tarot card
  • Two of cups tarot card
  • Page of cups tarot card
  • Justice tarot card
  • The tower tarot card
  • Six of cups tarot card
  • Judgment tarot card

All of these point towards reconciliation!

14) You feel it in your gut

The best way to know whether your ex misses you is to feel it in your gut.

This is the place where you feel the most connection with her and know that you miss her too.

It’s the same place where you felt the most love for her and where you knew that she loved you.

Your intuition is insanely powerful, way more than you could ever imagine.

Tap into your intuition and ask yourself if she is missing you, and the answer will come.

How can you tap into your intuition a bit more?

By spending more time sitting in silence.

You see, there are rarely times we allow ourselves to truly sit in silence anymore. Every day we spend almost every minute distracted.

Give yourself some time to hang out with yourself, without any distractions!

This will bring your inner voice to the surface, believe me!

15) You get the urge to go to a certain place

A huge spiritual sign of reconciliation is the urge you get to go to a certain place.

You know that it’s a sign of your ex missing you when you feel yourself being drawn to a certain place.

This is because the universe is probably trying to get you two to meet again.

You see, when you get the urge to go to a random coffee shop that you haven’t been to in months, don’t ignore it!

Chances are, you might meet her there!

The universe works in peculiar ways, and one of the methods of bringing people together is by giving them the urge to go to a certain place at a certain time.

16) Right when you think of her, she texts you

The next sign that your ex misses you and wants to get back together is that right when you think of her, she texts you.

This is a sign that she’s thinking about you and missing you.

Maybe you’ve experienced that with other friends or family before: right as they pop into your mind, they call or text you.

This has to do with telepathy and it only works between two people who have a strong connection to one another.

So: when the phone beeps right after you had her on your mind, there might be a connection there that you shouldn’t ignore!

17) You feel an urge to make the first move

The universe is giving you a sign that it wants you to make the first move and meet up with her again!

If you’re not sure what to do, just take action!

It’s time for the universe to give some guidance and tell you what your next step should be.

When we don’t follow through with our intuition, we lose out on a lot of opportunities. It’s time for your intuition to kick in and tell you what your next step is!

And if you feel like you should ask her out, do it!

18) You see angel numbers all around

Angel numbers can be a huge sign that your ex misses you and wants to get back together with you.

Angel numbers are a sign that someone is thinking about you and that they want to get back together with you.

This is the universe giving you a message that they want to get back together with you!

A very common angel number for this situation is 222 or 2222.

You see, the number 2 represents a union between two people, love, and a strong connection.

So if you’ve been seeing angel number 222 on your phone, license plates, the clock, etc. it could mean that your ex wants to get back together with you!

19) You keep randomly running into her

What might feel like a coincidence could actually be a spiritual sign of your ex missing you: do you keep running into her?

This could be the universe’s way of trying to make your paths cross again!

But sometimes, this sign is less spiritual. You see, it could be that she is simply trying to run into you “coincidentally” on purpose.

Maybe she is figuring out where you usually go at certain times and then she tries to be there, as well.

But you know what? Spiritual or not, this is a sign that she misses you and would love to be with you again!

20) When you meet, there is still a very strong connection

You know how sometimes when you meet an ex you wonder what could have ever made you feel attracted to them?

Well, if your ex-girlfriend wants you back and the universe is backing it up, this will not be how you feel at all.

On the contrary, you will feel the sparks fly whenever you meet her again.

That’s a huge sign that there is still something there that might be worth exploring!

Should you get back together with your ex?

To be honest, there is no simple answer to this question.

You see, every situation is different, and sometimes, being back together will be a huge success, while at other times, it could fail completely.

There are some things you can consider before making that decision:

  • Why did your last relationship end?
  • How did the relationship end?
  • Have both of you worked on yourselves?
  • Have things changed that would prevent the reason you broke up for to happen again?

You see, it is absolutely possible to get back together and be happy forevermore, there is simply one thing that needs to happen before:

You both need to work on yourselves and change.

Think about it: if you walk into this relationship having changed nothing at all about yourself, then the result will most definitely be the same!

If both of you have done some serious work to resolve the issues that brought the relationship to a downfall the first time around, then you have a good chance to make things work now!

In the end, it really depends on your own personal judgment and what you feel in your heart is the right decision.

You will make the right choice

Whatever you do, remember that you will make the right choice.

There is no right or wrong here, whatever feels better in your heart is the choice you should go with.

Try not to worry about it too much and just follow your heart!

And if you want a little bit of support?

I mentioned Psychic Source earlier. They’ve consistently helped me in the past when I’ve felt stuck in a rut.

That’s why I always recommend them to anyone facing issues with their ex or getting back together.

Their advisors can help you get to the root of your problems and guide you in making empowered decisions about your future.

When I got recently signed up for a love reading, I was blown away by how kind and genuinely helpful they were.

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