10 spiritual signs someone is thinking about you sexually

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‍Are you wondering if someone is thinking about you?

Are they thinking of you in a sexual way? Perhaps, they even have feelings for you.

It can be hard to tell. I speak from experience, just a few months ago I was in that same exact situation, wondering if someone was thinking about me in that way.

No matter what, it seemed so difficult to actually find an answer. I went so far as to even talk to a psychic about my issues!

Well, luckily, I found some spiritual signs that give the other person’s feelings away, so I’m gonna share them with you:

1) You think about them all the time

How many times do you think about a person? If it’s more than a few times a day, it could be a sign that the person is a heavy part of your thoughts.

If you’re thinking about them all the time, chances are you’ll also be thinking about what they think about you.

Are they thinking about you as much as you’re thinking about them?

Well, the good news is – probably!

You see, even though you are the one thinking about them a lot, this can be an indicator that they are actually thinking about you.

Think about it this way: when you think about someone a lot, you are sending out lots of energy.

If the other person (in this case you) is receptive, then their subconscious might pick up on that energy and start thinking about that person!

This could be a clear indicator that they have feelings for you and are trying to work them out in their own mind.

Keep in mind that if you’ve only just met someone, you’re probably going to think about them a lot.

You’re still forming and getting to know each other, so you’ll have a lot of question marks surrounding this person and what they’re like.

It can be really difficult to know exactly what it means, but this is a good sign to start off with.

2) You feel giddy for no reason

Feeling giddy is one of those things that happens to you rather than something you can control.

The best way to describe it is like a child getting overly excited about something.

You can’t help it; it just happens.

The person you have feelings for might not even have to be around for you to feel this giddy.

You can be thinking about them, or you can just be hanging out with friends and out of nowhere feel like a kid on Christmas day.

What’s important is to not brush this off. The higher your emotions are, the more powerful they are.

If someone makes you feel this way, you should explore the feeling. Giddy is a good sign that the person you are interested in likes you back.

You see, it’s similar as the point I just talked about: someone thinking about you (especially in an intimate way) will have an effect on you.

The effect could be that you feel giddy, or even just happy.

However, since this person is on your mind so much, it’s likely that you’ll be feeling something good when you think about them.

Feeling giddy for no reason is a great sign that the person you are interested in likes you back.

And the best part?

You get to savor and enjoy this feeling whenever you want!

This is an amazing phase in any relationship, so don’t take it for granted and instead really enjoy it.

3) You get the urge to call or text them at odd hours

You may feel like calling your friend at 3 a.m. just to chat, but if you don’t usually call people at that time, it could be a sign that you’re feeling something stronger than just friendship towards them.

If you normally don’t call or text someone at a certain hour, but you feel the sudden urge to do so, it’s likely because you feel like you need to be in contact with them.

What’s going through your head is that you need to speak to them because you are feeling an intense need to be acknowledged.

This person is a very important part of your life, and you’re craving attention from them.

You see, this could happen because at that very moment, this person was thinking about you, too.

They were thinking about you, and this made you feel more connected to them.

You suddenly felt like you needed to be in contact with them because you were feeling an intense need to be acknowledged by them.

This is a great sign that the person you are interested in likes you back.

Now: this is where the odd hour comes into play. You see, there is a chance that what they’re thinking about you is completely innocent, no doubt about it.

But when you get this sudden urge to text them at like 1 in the morning, the chances are that they are having not-so-innocent thoughts about you.

It’s likely that they’re thinking about you in an intimate way, just like you are thinking about them.

So it’s important to keep this in mind.

If you feel like contacting them at odd hours, make sure that it’s because you really want to talk to them for a good reason.

Of course, you also have to keep yourself in check, perhaps you are the one with certain intentions here!

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It seemed almost too good to be true if I’m being honest.

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Looking back a few months down the line, everything they had told me about my relationship had come true!

That’s why I really don’t want to gatekeep this gem – I can only recommend them!

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4) You feel like someone is watching you

There is a difference between feeling someone is watching you and actually being watched.

If you feel like someone is watching you, but you know they aren’t nearby, there is a chance that they are thinking about you and you’re picking up on their vibes.

This is a very strong sign that they like you, because if someone has feelings for you, you will be a very large part of their thoughts.

If you’re feeling like someone is watching you, but there is no one around, then chances are they are thinking of you.

You see, this has to do with energy again. When someone thinks about you a lot, you will literally start to feel their presence around you.

It’s a very hard thing to explain, but I think you know what I mean.

Now: it depends on the person, but whether or not their thoughts are innocent can usually be seen from the way you perceive their presence.

If you feel the positive energy from them, then they are probably thinking about you in a positive way.

If you feel sensual energy, then chances are they are thinking of you in a special way.

5) When you’re with them, the energy is very intense

Do you feel an intense connection with this person? Do you feel like there is a strong energy between the two of you?

If you feel like there is an intense energy that gets created when you are around someone, it’s a sign that you have feelings for them.

You may not even know this person, but you feel a certain way in their presence that you can’t explain.

This is a clear sign that you have strong feelings for this person and that you are picking up on their vibes.

This can be felt in many ways. You can literally feel their energy around you and emanating from you. You may also feel their emotions like they are your own.

You see, when someone thinks about you “like that”, it can get very obvious once you two are actually physically together.

The thing is, your energy will suddenly be super high, you will feel like you are in their presence, you will feel like you are their everything, and you will feel the need to touch them.

Now: what you might also notice is that as soon as you part ways, it might feel almost devastating, because your energy level will plummet.

Why does that happen?

Well, you know how when you take drugs or drink alcohol you first get really happy, but then afterward, you actually drop below the initial level?

This is because the energy you got from the drugs or alcohol disappears almost immediately after you stop taking them.

So it is with people.

When you have strong feelings for someone, you feel like your energy level is almost directly proportionate to their presence.

So when they are around, your energy level is at its highest and you feel like nothing can bring you down.

But when they leave, your energy level drops below that initial high, and you feel like something is wrong.

This is because your body got so used to this “high” that it got dependent on it.

Now that the high is gone, you feel like you are missing something.

And you are missing this other person’s energy.

When you feel this intensely about someone, they are almost certainly also feeling this about you.

6) Your heart starts feeling full and happy during the day

When someone has feelings for you, they open up a part of themselves to you.

They literally put their heart into a box, and they give it to you. If they like you, they do this without even realizing it.

If you feel a warm and pleasant feeling in your chest that doesn’t go away, this is your heart opening up and accepting their gift.

What you should know about this feeling is that it can come and go for no reason.

You could be doing something simple and not even think about this person, and all of a sudden, you’ll feel happy and warm.

If the feeling doesn’t go away and stays with you, it’s a sign that you have feelings for this person and they have feelings for you.

You see, especially when they think of you in an intimate way, that can really influence their feelings.

It can make them feel warm and happy, and they might even feel a little energized.

This is because they are opening up a part of themselves to you, and that is a very big deal.

And most likely, you are also doing the same thing for them.

Now: for me, this happened when I found out that the person I was wondering about was actually my soulmate.

Yes, you heard me right – during all this wondering of whether they were attracted to me and whether they were thinking of me as more than a good friend, I found out they were the One for me.

How did I do that?

Well… you’re gonna laugh.

I saw a picture and recognized them.

Okay, let me explain. Promise to keep an open mind, because this can sound a bit woo-woo, and I wouldn’t have believed myself a few months ago.

While I was researching spiritual signs to figure out if someone is thinking about you, I stumbled upon this amazing psychic artist, who apparently has the ability to draw your soulmate.

Now: it sounded too crazy not to try, I was intrigued.

Mind you, I had never talked to this person before and they knew nothing about me except a few things I told them.

When they presented me with my soulmate sketch, my heart quite literally skipped a beat – it looked almost identical to the person whose feelings I was trying to figure out!

Ever since then I knew they were my soulmate and everything got a lot easier.

I would love that same experience for you, so get your own sketch drawn here.

7) There’s undeniable chemistry between you two

If there is undeniable chemistry between you and another person, it’s likely that you both have feelings for each other.

Chemistry is an unexplainable feeling. You can’t just decide to be attracted to someone because you want to be; it’s something that just happens.

When you have chemistry with someone, you feel it. It’s not just in your head; it’s in your whole body.

It’s an intense and powerful feeling that happens between two people.

What’s happening is that you are picking up on the vibes they are sending out.

This is a clear sign that they like you. You should ask this person out, or if you are already dating them, you should deepen your relationship.

You see, when someone is attracted to you in that way, then the chemistry will be so intense that you won’t be able to ignore it.

The sexual tension in the air will be thick and you’ll know exactly what they are thinking, or at least you can guess.

8) You start to feel shy and nervous for no reason

Being shy and nervous for no reason is a clear sign that you have feelings for someone.

You are feeling shy around this person and don’t know why. It’s not because you are nervous about talking to them or because you are in a new situation.

This feeling is overwhelming and not something you can control. If you feel shy and nervous around this person but you don’t know why, it could be because you have feelings for them.

You may feel shy and nervous around other people, but you will be able to pinpoint that it’s coming from a specific person.

However, this can also happen if that person is thinking about you in “that” way.

You see, when your subconscious picks up on those naughty thoughts, you can become really shy and nervous, even though you don’t consciously understand why!

This is really funny and can feel super confusing.

You might feel super shy around this person, and then realize that they are thinking about you in a sexual way.

Then, you will be able to understand why you were feeling so shy. It makes sense when you think about it!

What you need to do here is to open up to this person and let them know how you feel.

9) You hear their voice

Have you ever heard someone’s voice, even though they were nowhere around?

This can happen when this other person is thinking about you.

Their energy is so strong that you can pick up on it. So much so, that you’ll even hear their voice echoing in your head and that’s how you’ll know that they are thinking about you.

You will be able to hear them say things in your head, and this can happen even when they aren’t around.

What’s happening is that you are picking up on the vibes they are sending out. This is a clear sign that they like you. ,

Trust me, they really really dig you and the fact that you are hearing their voice is proof of this.

What you need to do is to find a way to let this person know that you like them, too. This can be scary, but it’s super important that you do it.

Now: you might hear them say something specific, or sometimes you just hear a faint hint of their voice, it really depends on the situation.

When you hear their voice in your head, it’s important that you listen carefully to what they are saying. This can help you figure out how they feel about you.

10) You randomly feel aroused throughout the day

Feeling aroused and turned on for no reason is a very strong sign that you have feelings for someone.

If you find yourself getting turned on and aroused without anything sexual happening or without thinking about anyone in particular, it’s because you have feelings for this person, but it could also be because they are currently thinking about you in that way, too.

They are so strongly planted in your brain that you can’t help but think about them and feel aroused.

What you need to do here is to confront this person and let them know how you feel.

If you don’t have their number, you need to find a way to stay in contact with them.

They are most definitely also caught up in fantasies about you, so trust me, you’ll be fine.

The worst (and most fun) is when you get these feelings in the middle of the day, while doing something completely mundane, like grocery shopping.

It will hit you out of the blue like a truck and then it’s the only thing on your mind.

So, what now?

As you can see, there are a number of signs that let you know if someone is thinking about you sexually and if they have feelings for you.

If you notice any of these signs, don’t brush them off. Instead, you should confront the person and find out if they have feelings for you.

Trust me, if they are thinking about you to the point of you noticing these signs, then they really like you already.

It takes a lot of energy for you to notice signs like these, so that’s great news!

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