10 spiritual meanings of angry dreams

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Dreaming about anger is often connected to a theme of someone or something we feel is unfair or unjust.

The emotion of anger is raw and something you can’t control, unlike what we’re able to do in our waking lives. So it makes sense if you’re feeling this way in your dreams.

It may be that while you are powerless in life, your emotions can still be expressed when you sleep.

This post will teach you how to identify these dreams, as well as ways to manage them while they happen.

Are you ready to read these 10 signs you’re experiencing a spiritual dream?

Let’s dive in!

1) Broken rules

Angry dreams are often felt like a response to feelings of unfairness or injustice.

With this first dream, the subject believes they have followed all the rules and are still not receiving what they deserve from the situation.

They could believe that others are getting away with their own wrongdoings, or that someone else is not following through on a promise.

Lying and deceit are common themes for angry dreams. The dreamer may believe that others are dishonest and deceitful, but also feel powerless to do anything about it.

2) Control issues

One significant theme in angry dreams is the feeling that you have no control over your situation.

We may feel powerless in our waking lives. However, this lack of power can come to life in dreams by allowing us the ability to see things from the outside looking in as an observer as opposed to as a participant or victim.

Dreams about feeling powerless are often about fear of losing control.

Many people who experience powerless dreams are likely to have experienced some kind of trauma or stressful situation in their waking life, or even a series of events that put them at risk of losing control.

The dreamer may be facing a major challenge or significant life change that they need to adjust to.

Even small changes can mean feeling out of control in their waking life, and the dreamer needs to find a way to adapt and make it work.

3) Rejection

Angry dreams can also be about feeling rejected.

This could be a personal rejection or a rejection by society. The dreamer may feel that they are not being chosen or accepted into a group, and they might also fear devaluation or betrayal.

These fears of rejection can also come as a response to an actual situation in the dreamer’s life, like during the transition of entering into adulthood, marriage, becoming parents, entering middle school or high school, etc.

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5) Outrageousness

Angry dreams can be over-the-top in their dramatic approach to situations or experiences.

These dreams tend to be exaggerated or presented in an unrealistic way. I’ve had dreams where I was all of a sudden driving or flying a plane, doing these things with no instruction or practice.

As a result, these situations often end in disaster.

Outrageous dreams can also be connected to the feeling of being offended by something or someone and are often a way for the dreamer to connect to their fury and rage.

Someone may have said something derogatory about them, and they feel angry because of it.

6) Objection

Angry dreams are also common when the dreamer is faced with an object of some kind, from a physical object to a person or animal.

This object may represent something that the dreamer does not want to accept – something challenging in their life, or something they do not agree with.

For example, say someone is angry because they can’t get into a movie without knowing what time it starts and feeling like the theater is trying to cheat them out of the experience by not having posted opening hours.

This object of anger in the dream represents these feelings.

7) Entitlement

Angry dreams can also occur when the dreamer feels entitled to certain things or experiences.

People often look to their dreams for guidance and answers, whether consciously or not. So your early morning dream could be related to something that happened during the day, or it may be something you are feeling angry about in your waking life.

For example, people who are in high-risk jobs or situations may feel entitled to a certain way of doing something or expect to be able to rely on someone in order for something to work out.

A dreamer may feel entitled to a certain kind of lifestyle because they feel hardworking and that their efforts should be recognized.

If you find yourself experiencing angry dreams, it could be related to how you are feeling about something in your waking life that is the cause of your anger.

8) Repetition

Angry dreams can also be about repeated situations.

These dreams are often having the same argument, losing in the same way, or fighting over and over again.

While these dreams may seem repetitive, they do not mean you are stuck in the same pattern of behavior or thinking.

Instead, these dreams help you process your feelings about what is causing your anger and allow you to make sense of them in a way that is less damaging to you.

So, your dream is about sleeping with your ex. This sounds more like a relationship issue than a dream, and you may have already processed this with someone.

Instead, it could be something that you are still thinking about during the day, and your dreams are helping you to process it in a way that doesn’t make you feel worse about the situation.

Or perhaps it’s an event that happened recently that has made you angry again and your dreams help you process this emotion.

9) Frustrated

Angry dreams can also be about feeling frustrated.

Perhaps the dreamer feels like they are too tired to handle or accomplish something that they have wanted to do.

A dream about being frustrated is a way to get the feeling out in a safe place where you feel safe expressing your frustration.

A dream about frustration can also help you come up with solutions and solutions may be more easily achieved in dreams than in reality due to the lack of commitment or accountability.

I mentioned earlier how speaking to a gifted advisor can reveal the truth about the spiritual meanings of angry dreams.

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10) Fear

Angry dreams can also be about the dreamer’s fears.

These dreams are often unrealistic or too much to handle, but they may also be a reaction to something in the dreamer’s life that is causing them fear. It can be a fear of failure, a fear of being trapped or confined, or a fear of someone they know.

The dream is giving them an outlet to have the feeling and process their emotions instead of keeping them bottled up during their waking life.

Are you experiencing a life-changing circumstance?

Attending to the anger in your dreams might also be a sign that there is some event that is changing your life in a positive way.

You may discover that there is something big happening in your life, or you may discover that you are going through a change.

If this event is causing changes in how you feel anger, then this dream could also be a sign of this new development.

Is the anger some kind of spiritual lesson?

Your dreams can be signs that you’re experiencing emotions that have a meaningful purpose.

These dreams can provide you with insight into what your emotions are trying to tell you, or even hints about what other questions you should be asking yourself.

These dreams may also signify that something important is happening in your life, but you need to find out what it is.

Is there some kind of forgiveness needed?

Your dreams can be signs that you need to forgive someone for something that has happened in your life.

Perhaps this person is getting angry at someone else and you are the focus of their anger.

This dream might also occur when this person is angry at you, or when they are feeling angry about themselves or the situation.

Your dreams can be a sign that there is something important in your life that you have a new understanding of.

What are the next steps to take if you have an angry dream?

Allow yourself to be angry, without trying to suppress or control it

If you’re feeling angry in your dreams, allow yourself to feel (even though you’re powerless).

This is fine and normal. You really don’t need to hold back, and you shouldn’t try to reason with yourself.

Instead, use this as a real opportunity for processing what’s going on for you in your dreams.

Give yourself a voice to express how you feel

Dreams are often literal, so once you’re awake, try to express how you feel without worrying about the details of why you’re actually feeling this way.

Maybe it’s because of a recent event in your life, or something else entirely. But give yourself a chance to talk it through and figure out what’s going on.

Make sure you have conversations with others before going to sleep.

Make a list of things that helped you to get through the episode

If you’ve experienced an angry dream, one suggestion is to make a list of things that helped you get through it as well as identify what didn’t work for you.

These dreams are often very specific, but it can be difficult to recall them after the fact.

By writing down some things that helped you get through this dream, you’ll have a resource to reassure yourself in the future.

Take a moment before going to sleep

If you’re experiencing a lot of anxiety and/or anger, it may be necessary to go through some kind of relaxation practice before going to sleep.

Whether it’s mentally or physically, meditating or praying, there are many different ways that have worked for others.

Just remember that this will involve your body and the movement of your breath, so make sure you’ve got that under control first.

Talk to a figure that you trust

If you don’t know how to talk about your anger with others, some people will have a friend or a counselor or someone in their lives to who they can talk.

It may not be necessary that the person you’re talking to be someone you know well, but it’s certainly not bad to have some kind of support network in case there’s any stigma when it comes to being angry.

Identify the part of your brain that’s causing you to feel an emotion

You typically are not consciously aware of your emotions. This is why it can be hard to talk about what’s making an angry dream happen.

But you do have some conscious control over the particular part of your brain that causes anger and other emotions.

By allowing yourself to relax and slow down, you’ll get a clear picture of where in your brain this is happening.

The brain isn’t anything you can see, so it’s not always intuitive to know where you’re angry. You may need to follow a certain pathway in your body or identify where emotion is bubbling up from.

Final words

Dreams about being angry suggest you may be struggling with how to deal with an issue that needs to be tackled.

The anger might come out of feeling attacked in some way and you’re feeling the need to fight back.

Sometimes dreams about anger just reflect the times when someone tried to attack or criticize you and that made you feel angry, which is a common theme in many people’s dreams.

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That’s why I always recommend them to anyone facing issues with angry dreams. Their advisors can help you get to the root of your problems and guide you in making empowered decisions about your future.

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