27 signs from the universe that you will be famous (no bullsh*t!)

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It’s not always easy to know if you’re a famous person in the making.

Chances are, you’ll slip through the cracks and never make it big.

But there are some signs that might give you an inkling of hope.

If you find yourself doing any of these things, maybe your dreams of being a celebrity should be taken seriously.

So, let’s take a moment to look at these 27 signs of destiny that will one day make you famous.

Here we go!

1) You don’t need anyone else to validate your existence

You realized you are the only person who can decide your purpose in life.

And it doesn’t stop here…

You found out you are the only person who can make your dreams come true and you are the only person who is going to be happy in this world and will be successful.

Most importantly, you are working towards your goal.

2) You feel like you are destined for greatness

You have always had this feeling that you’re destined for something bigger than this world.

This could be because of your faith in yourself, but it might also be because of a spiritual connection that you have with the universe around you.

In a nutshell…

Even without this, you have a very optimistic outlook on your future, and it makes you feel really happy!

3) You surprise yourself and others

Not only do you have insight, but you don’t stop there – you take action on it.

Ever better…

You are a mover and a shaker; often the first person to try something new or different. You are a born leader, and you don’t need approval to take action.

4) You have the ability to bring people together

No doubt about it…

You are an amazing connector who can get others on board with your idea or cause. Lead by example and inspire others to do the same.

Once you accomplish this (and it won’t be easy), people flock to your side; and the world will thank you — because that’s what fame is all about.

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5) You are feeling fine about the future

People will see you as a leader on your way to fame and fortune.

Are you wondering how?

The universe has brought together the people and resources you need to make your dreams come true.

You will find creative ways to get what you want and create what you envision—the universe will support these endeavors.

Anything you ask for will be provided.

6) You will see opportunities everywhere

The universe wants you to succeed, and it has a plan to make you famous.

How does it work?

You will find in every area of life: your body and mind, in relationships, career, finances, and spiritual growth — the world is alive with possibilities.

And now is the time to take control of your life and make good on these dreams.

Take a chance at new opportunities that will transform your life for the better and bring out your greatness.

7) You will have the courage to follow your dreams

As your life takes on a new shape, you may feel vulnerable and unsure.

But don’t worry…

The universe will be with you every step of the way. In fact, it has never left you. And it will continue to support you as long as you remain grateful and open to its influence.

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8) You have a strong sense of self-worth

You have a very firm belief that you are capable of doing what others expect you to do and much more than they can do on your own.

You are also unafraid to go after your dreams and make your goals a reality.

9) You feel totally at home in a variety of social situations

Whether you are at a party, out on the town with friends, or hanging out with your family, you don’t seem to feel like an outsider or like you don’t belong.

This is because your creative perspective and imaginative personality are as valuable in a small group discussion as they are chatting one-on-one with new people.

You are able to express yourself in such a way that people from all walks of life can relate to you.

10) You have the ability to change the world

The universe has given you a gift, and the world needs your unique talents.

No one else can do what you’re capable of.

Your experiences are meant to help you realize that not only do you have an opportunity to do something great, but also that greatness already exists within you — every step of the way.

11) The universe is on your side

Let me explain…

The universe knows all your needs and demands.

It is aware of your needs; it wants to help when you need it and guides you when you’re ready for it.

The universe will play a key role in keeping you on track as long as you remain open to its direction.

12) You hold a unique position at the center of attention

When you are sharing what’s going on in your life and others are listening, you seem to be the source of their collective focus.

Think about it…

If you are someone who always seems to be playing a role in other people’s lives, like being the “go-to” person that everyone depends on, then perhaps that’s exactly where you should be.

13) You are always willing to help others succeed

The best way for you to succeed is if everyone else succeeds along with you.

Be the best team player you can be because when someone else wins, it usually means that sooner or later, you will too.

And who knows?

Maybe right after your win, the world will stop celebrating and focus on helping more people succeed–including you.

14) You absolutely refuse to settle in any way.

You are not going to “settle” for anything less than your best.

In fact, you have a strong sense of self-worth, which means that you know that the best version of yourself is the one that others will recognize and appreciate.

15) You are obsessed with becoming famous

This is actually an obvious sign.

You keep getting in touch with people who are famous and saying things like, “I want to be famous too.”

Maybe you think that dreams of fame are a bit silly, but if you really want to be influential, there’s nothing better.

16) You are constantly learning something new about other celebrities

These are the questions you keep asking yourself, even if they’re not that important to you right now.

For example: “What do famous people do in their personal lives?” or “How does a famous artist get his inspiration?”

You feel like looking at a billboard of your future self.

17) You are a natural people person

If your ease of conversation comes across as relaxed and confident, you could be on the path to becoming a celebrity.

Do you know why?

The best way to break through any barrier is by being yourself and interacting with others on a genuine level.

So, be able to say things like, “I’m just me,” with pride, rather than being full of self-doubt.

18) You have been told how talented you are by more than one person

The more validation you get that you’re special, the better!

That’s never a lie.

Even if some people don’t understand your potential, those who do will always be sure to tell you!

19) You welcome a challenge

When trying to create something artistically, you’re not afraid to throw yourself into the mix.

Instead of limiting what you can do based on your comfort zone, you realize that pushing yourself is the only way to get the job done–even if it means failing a few times along the way.

20) You receive offers

You are in a place that you can no longer hide — not anymore.

Have you noticed?

The universe opens the door to many opportunities to make a large impact on the world in your own way.

And all that matters is how you choose to handle the offer.

You will see what the message is that the universe is trying to send you, and you’ll be ready for it.

Fame will help you become a leader who can make a difference in the lives of others — and the people who will take on those challenges will follow you.

21) You feel completely comfortable in your own skin

You don’t mind being in front of a crowd, maybe even reaping all the attention you can handle.

Truth is…

Audiences really like this quality and it’s typically one of the hallmarks of a high-energy star.

You are also able to express yourself without any effort, without becoming corny or cheesy–just like you were born to do.

22) You see the world a little differently than others

You see things in this world that others miss, and when you point them out, people are usually taken aback by your insightfulness and imagination.

What’s more…

You’re a little off-kilter, but you’re also insightful, and that makes you unique.

23) You are not afraid of criticism

No matter how much you have been hurt, big or small, the criticism that’s aimed at you sets you up for greater success.

It may seem counterintuitive, but it’s true.

Fact is…

Those who are afraid of being criticized rarely have the ability to really push themselves out of their comfort zone and into a situation–or a person–that will challenge them in a positive way.

24) You have an engaging voice and a unique way of speaking

You might be the person who’s always chosen to read something out loud at a school function, an office meeting, or any other setting where people just want to listen to you talk.

Your voice is soothing, sweet, or full of style—and it holds the attention of the room.

25) Your style is always unique and memorable

Your personality is what makes you unique, and your style polishes who you are on the inside as well as the outside.

And that’s more…

You are never afraid to express yourself in a way that no one else can, and when you do that, people are able to remember you from one interaction to the next.

26) You smile a lot

You have a contagious attitude of joy and positivity that is always shining through.

It’s hard to feel sad when you’re around you, and it’s impossible to feel grouchy or angry when you’re around you.

This is because your infectious personality, style, and laugh are able to make other people feel better about themselves as well.

The best part is….

Your happy energy shines through every day, even in tough situations.

27) You love being creative

There’s something about being creative that makes you feel truly alive.

And you’re someone who tends to want to do things in a new or different way, even if it doesn’t make sense to everybody else.

Think about it…

All the singers, performers, and actors are known for their offbeat and unusual styles.

Oftentimes, you will find that these people have achieved fame because they stand out from the crowd in an attention-grabbing way.

Final words

The universe has plans for you — plans that are bigger than you can imagine.

Fame is the next step in making sure those plans come to fruition.

You will be able to become a leader who will contribute to the world around you — and your contribution will be something that you live by, day in and day out.

The universe knows what will make the world a better place.

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