15 signs an Aries man is using you (and what to do about it)

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Aries men are intimidating and have a lot to offer, in the sense that they will do anything for you; but it’s not always love.

There are lots of warning signs that your Aries man is using you, like when he makes all the decisions or exhibits dangerous tendencies.

This article will help you decipher 15 signs when your Aries man might be using you.

Hopefully, this post will help you see the red flags and know what actions to take.

So let’s get down to the business.

1) He will make you feel special in the beginning

It is warm and inviting to receive constant love and attention from someone who tells you that you are beautiful, incredible, the sexiest person he has ever seen, or just overall awesome.

It is also very flattering to have a man who continually tries to get you to smile, and who is quick to compliment you on your looks and intelligence.

You may think that this is all he wants from you.

However, behind the compliments, it appears that there is a hidden agenda. That agenda is his need for constant attention and excitement.

You are in danger of being used as a way for him to feel good about himself – an ego boost.

2) He will look for a better option

The Aries man’s goal when it comes to dating is to find someone who will not just be a “sidekick” but wants to be his partner and live a life with him.

He is looking for someone who has the same kind of personality and enthusiasm that he does so that he can look forward to many years of happiness.

If you do not meet those criteria, he will see another woman and evaluate her as better than you. He will say that he is still interested in you but he is not satisfied with the way things are going.

If you refuse to work on improving your relationship, he will leave.

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4) He will play the victim card

If you have been dating someone for a while, then it can be easy to let arguments slide and ignore problems.

After all, “stuff” happens in relationships – right?

Well, Aries men are not like that at all. They are not afraid to point out the little issues – no matter how small – and use them as a way to say that you are the cause of their problems.

They often act like they have been wronged and refuse to do anything to fix the issues because they expect that you should do it.

It is up to you to fix it, not them. If you whine about something, he will just play the victim card and dump all of the blame on you.

He is using your need for peace in the relationship against you.

5) He will use your efforts to promote himself

One of the biggest signs he’s using you is that he will use everything you have to offer to promote his own goals and desires.

If you are constantly doing things for him, he’s probably going to expect more in return than just gratitude; he’ll expect you to prove your loyalty and dedication by actually following through with your word.

He may also take advantage of your skills and knowledge to promote himself and his brand.

And he might even convince you to do so without telling you what he’s up to.

Aries men are very convincing! They want to be the hero, so they’ll win everyone over by seeming like the person who is always in control and always knows what he’s doing.

6) He will use you to make him look good in front of others

He will use you to make him look good in front of others, including his friends and family.

The Aries man wants to look successful in the eyes of everyone he knows.

Even though he may be the breadwinner and work long hours, it is important for him that his partner portray a certain image as well.

He wants an independent, beautiful woman who can take care of herself and be a partner so that he can look good at social events and on other occasions.

7) Commitment phobic

Aries man may show some resistance to commitment at the beginning of a relationship because it takes away from his need for excitement and adventure.

This is why it’s important to observe the way he treats you at the beginning of your courtship and what kind of attraction he has towards you. If he’s not committed at all, then this isn’t a good sign.

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8) He will use you to get what he wants

He may bring up emotional things like love and loyalty to win you over with his philosophy or emotional appeal.

Then, once he gains your trust and feels like he has your support, he’ll stop doing what you asked of him.

So it’s important to keep a close eye on the way that he treats you in the beginning so that you don’t get taken advantage of later on.

9) He will always want to be in control

The Aries man is a natural leader. If he wants something, he is not afraid to go out and get it.

There are only very few things that he is afraid of, and these things are usually things that do not require him to exert himself or make any effort.

He gets so excited about these things that he cannot think straight once the opportunity presents itself.

He is constantly after that perfect job, the perfect home, the perfect city, and so on.

His goal is to be in control of everything and do it all himself. To do this, he will use your desire for him to lead as a way to gain control over your life and make you do things that he wants you to do.

10) He will ask you to do things that don’t make a lot of sense

Aries men are obsessed with their own goals and interests, so they often won’t pick up on your needs.

This can cause them to ask you to do things that don’t make any sense to you or your lifestyle. As a result, you might feel like you’re being taken advantage of and used.

11) He doesn’t pay for dates

Aries man is the one who is constantly pulling in the reins when it comes to supporting his significant other.

He is very proud of his independence and doesn’t want to be financially dependent on his girlfriend.

If your Aries man doesn’t pay for the dates, it’s a sure sign that he doesn’t plan to commit to you.

If he’s not willing to spend some of his hard-earned money on you, then it’s obvious that you’re just another girl on the long list of girls.

He wants to keep his options open and hopes to continue dating different girls without feeling bad about it.

12) He is quick to blame you if things don’t work out

To avoid feeling any guilt or responsibility, the Aries man will use women as a way to blame failure on.

This works great until he realizes that he has no choice but to start taking responsibility for his actions.

He will use you as a scapegoat for everything from arguing with his boss to making the wrong decision about the future of their relationship.

It is up to you to convince him that this is not true and stop letting him play the victim and make excuses for his mistakes.

13) You feel like his assistant more than his girlfriend/wife

You might feel like you’re trying to do everything for him, but he’s more than happy for you to take care of the home and family life.

He’ll accomplish his goals and get the recognition he thinks he deserves, so it’ll come from other sources. He’ll have you do most of the work, leaving him free to go to work or play video games all day.

You might never see him or even know if he’s home or not because you’re told what needs to happen in your role as his assistant.

14) You’re afraid to ask for your needs to be met

You might feel like he’s going to run away if you ask him what’s wrong or what’s bothering him, so you bottle it up until it becomes too much for you to handle.

He’ll then punish you by being distant and not communicating with you at all.

He’s afraid to set himself up for emotional pain if he needs to be heard, so he’ll make you feel like it’s your fault that your relationship is suffering instead of him.

15) He doesn’t care about what you have to say about his plans for the future

He’ll always have his own goals, but if yours are in conflict, he’ll simply do whatever he wants without asking you what you think.

If he didn’t hear you say something different than what he wanted to hear, he won’t keep sharing his plans and his dreams with you.

He’ll only tell you about them when they’ve already been set in stone.

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The personality of an Aries Man

Aries men are typically very direct and not particularly shy about their emotions.

It can take a little bit of getting used to, but once you gain their trust, you will never have to question their honesty again.

You can rely on Aries men to say exactly what they mean and how they feel without any thought-wording or sugarcoating.

They can be extremely appealing and exciting, but there is a downside to that directness. He is always very honest about his emotions and has no problem communicating his thoughts and feelings.

Sometimes he can be a little too blunt if he misses the mark, which may lead to hurt feelings from both parties. This can be especially true if he is trying to impress you with his compliments.

Another downside to an Aries man’s honesty is that it can sometimes lead to mood swings and changeable affections. If he is not very careful in keeping his emotions in check, he can easily get jealous and offend you.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that an Aries man does not love you. He will genuinely want to make you happy; he just isn’t a very good communicator if he is not careful.

In the end, an Aries man will make a great boyfriend or husband once he learns to control his emotions and choose his words more carefully.

Relationships with an Aries man

Aries men seek a woman who is just as fiery as they are, so you can expect them to fall head over heels in love with a woman that is strong, confident, and independent.

If you are looking for a guy who will be your servant and slave, then this is not the guy for you. He wants to protect you but also wants to be your partner–an equal.

This means that you can depend on him to listen to your problems and advice without judging or taking things the wrong way.

He will tell you exactly how he feels with no fancy words, making you feel like an equal in your relationship rather than some conquered princess.

Aries men are also great at making you feel very special and valued with their compliments.

However, be warned:

He may not realize that your feelings are not reciprocated. A well-meaning Aries man may just end up making you feel extremely uncomfortable or even hurt.

If you like an Aries man, be prepared to take the initiative in your relationship and make the first move.

You need to be okay with being assertive and standing up for yourself if he is not ready to commit or is taking a break from his feelings for you.

Aries men are not good at waiting on the sidelines or being patient.

Aries men like to feel like they have control over their feelings, especially when they are trying to win you over.

He never wants to look emotionally needy or lost on you; it makes him feel weak. He is not afraid of hard work or chasing after you, so you won’t know how serious he is.

How do you know they are the ones?

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How to deal with an Aries man?

I would recommend trying to tolerate his hot and cold tendencies, as that is part of what makes him so attractive.

This is because he is confident and headstrong when it comes to his desires and ambitions. He will not give up until he gets what he wants, even if that means clashing with you or losing your respect along the way.

Aries men are not always the most honest or forthright with their feelings, so you should expect him to be a little selfish and play at times.

It will take time to get used to his honesty and directness, but if you love him enough, you will find that he is worth the effort.

An Aries man needs to have a woman who loves him just as much as he loves her.

If you are not sure if this is the case, he will do a good job of showing you all the time. You can be sure that if he loves you, then he will show it.

The Aries man will push himself to succeed in your relationship and keep his feelings out of it at all times, and this may lead to a lack of communication and misunderstandings.

He may act too quickly or make important decisions without fully thinking them through.

Always give him a chance to think everything over before making important decisions for your relationship.

When you do your best to understand the Aries man and his need to avoid pain during his time of need, he is sure to be more selfless and allows your feelings of love and compassion.

Although he will push himself forward, this does not have to mean that he is trying to make you fall in love with him.

He may just want to show you how much he appreciates your love and affection. This is a little eccentric but charming and charming.

You will be surprised by how much you can learn about yourself if you allow an Aries man into your life and heart.

Aries men in conclusion

The Aries is a very passionate, energetic, and bold man who will bring his overconfidence and ego into your relationship from the very beginning.

He will look at you as a challenge, not just as another conquest to add to his collection of lovers. However, once he wins your heart, you will find that he is very warm and accepting.

You must give him the time he needs to mature and grow as a person. He will need to process his feelings before he can admit that you mean more than just a conquest.

Patience is essential to make his wishes clear, but once they are clear, he will be willing to commit 100%.

I mentioned Psychic Source earlier. They’ve always helped me in the past when I’ve felt stuck in a rut.

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