17 clear signs a Cancer man is serious about you

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If you are now crushing on a guy who was born between June 21 and July 22, he’s a Cancer.

You’re probably asking yourself the following questions:

  • How does Cancer man show love?
  • What are the signs that a Cancer man is serious about you?  
  • What is the definition of love in the mind of Cancer?  

The 17 signs in this article will give you a good idea of whether a Cancer man is serious about you. Then you can watch your man’s actions to be sure he has genuine feelings towards you.

If these signs haven’t happened yet then keep in mind that it usually takes time for a Cancer man to show his feelings and commit to someone new.

Let’s get started.

Signs a Cancer man is serious about you

1) He’s interested in learning more about who you really are

Cancer men are sensitive and don’t talk too much.

If your cancer man likes asking many questions about you, your life, and your interests, you are definitely something for him. He wants to really get to know the real you.

He will be curious to learn about your childhood, dreams, fears, and ambitions.

He will engage you in a deep conversation where you share your feelings and thoughts without the feeling of overwhelming vulnerability.

2) He tries to impress you

A Cancer man will make efforts to impress you and to make you feel good about being with him.

He is always trying to prove himself through gifts, dates, accomplishments, or a sense of humor.

For example, he may try to win you over by being fun, spontaneous, and charming or buying you expensive dinners, tickets to events, or gifts. He wants you to feel happy and lucky to be with him.

3) What would a gifted advisor say?

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4) He supports your goals and ambition

Cancerians are good supporters of their loved ones.

A Cancer man will talk about your goals, helps you find resources, and tell you how he’s excited about your successes when they come.

He provides practical advice and gives his thoughts on how to get there or what steps could potentially happen along the way.

He provides emotional support. He supports you and encourages you to go for your dreams even though he has no idea if you’re going to succeed or not.

5) Making you feel special

Cancer guys are the true friend of everyone. They are always ready to help their friends and family, or even strangers if they could.

Then how do you know that they are treating you better than others?

For their loved ones, they will always have time for you. Your man never hesitates even though he has a million and one things to do.

He is never just busy. Your man always wants to make time for you and most of the time, he makes you feel special.

They go above and beyond for you.

6) He opens up and is honest with you

It is very difficult for a Cancer man to truly open up his heart. He keeps it locked inside, but once he lets you in, you can feel like it is there.

You will always be the only one to know where his heart is at all times because he rarely shares it with anyone else.

He will not open up to the wrong person and he can be too possessive of his emotions.

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7) They put you on their social media

If you are important to a Cancerian, they will post a lot of photos of themselves with you on all their social media accounts. He’s telling all his friends, family, and acquaintances that he’s proud to have you.

It is also a clear sign that he is serious about you and doesn’t want anyone else to get near him.

8) He is needy around you

A Cancer guy can get very attached to the one they love, they will seek your attention, and they will ask your advice and opinions when they are under stress.

They can become even a bit co-dependent.  

A Cancer man is loyal but at the same time, they want to feel loved and secure.

9) You are invited to his home

Cancerians are home people, they prefer to stay at home rather than outside. The home is his safe haven, the place he can be himself, the place he is in control of. His home is his pride and joy.

If you are invited to a Cancer man’s home, then you are very special to him indeed.

10) He won’t make you feel jealousy

A Cancer man never leaves your side when it seems like there might be competition in the room – or worse.

They will do whatever it takes to keep you feel secure, to make you feel you are the only love in his life.

He will build you a nest, feed you like you are a queen, and be your knight in shining armor.

11) He loves you for who you are  

Cancerians are sweet and kind-hearted.

A Cancer man will make you feel you are beautiful inside and out.

They will love everything about you. They don’t make demands on how you should be; instead, they appreciate the unique qualities that make you different and beautiful.

12) You are on his mind constantly

The Cancer man will let her know how much she means to him by doing really sweet little things for her that only a Cancer man can do.

When he is in love, the woman is on his mind constantly, and he makes sure she feels it too.

He does this by being caring and sweet as well as thinking about her needs and desires.

13) He makes future plans with you

A Cancer man is a forward-thinking man. If they are into you, they will attempt to plan future dates or events including you.

Cancerians in love will want a partner to share life’s journey with and will want to communicate with their partner about what their future together might look like.

They love emotion and want to share this as well as feel it. They’ll want to know how you fit into their plans and will have an eye for the big picture in all that they do.

14) He can be very physical

A Cancer man in love will be very physical.

He will want to be touched and may come off as overly clingy.

He craves intimacy in a physical way because one of the things he values most is being able to physically touch you. It is important for this man that he can feel you with his hands.

15) You are the priority

When a Cancer man always wants to be with you, and always have time for you, you know you are his first priority.

He will show you that you are the only woman in his life, the one that is never replaced.

He wants to text or call you all of the time, and he wants to tell you all the little things that happened in his life with you when you are not beside him.

A Cancer man in love will also show you how much you mean to him, and reassure you that he is appreciated by lending a shoulder to cry on when needed or giving some wise advice from time to time.

16) He introduces you to his family

Cancer men are very family-oriented, and they are fiercely loyal to their families. Family means a lot to them.

If a Cancer man introduces you to his family members, which is a big sign that you are his true love! They are serious about you obviously! They are not just having some fun with you.

17) You will feel protected

Cancerians are loving and caring and a Cancer man will protect the woman he loves.

They will worry about your safety. They will do anything they can to take care of you because they want nothing but the best for you.

A Cancer man is also a little bit of a softy, and he will go out of his way to make sure you’re happy.

What’s a Cancer man really like?

Cancerians are ruled by the Moon and like to get lost in love. They’re cautious, but after you get them to open up about themselves, they’re usually more than happy to let you in.
But don’t break their trust!

Cancer is a water sign, which means that they’re moody and don’t like to be alone too much.

They’re very sensitive and easily get hurt by the people they care about.

Cancers are also generous and sympathetic people who are motivated by their feelings.

They have kind souls who will do anything for someone in need, even if it means putting their own needs aside for the time being to help out someone else.

What Cancer man loves in a woman?

Cancer man hates when women are rude or self-absorbed, and he totally crushes on the girl next door.

If you’re looking for a Cancerian to take home and have his heart set on finding a new girlfriend, here are the subtle ways that cancer men love a woman that society thinks they don’t.

1) Cancer guy loves women with strong personalities

When he was young, Cancer man yearned for a mother that would keep him safe and secure.

Fierce women were what he needed; this was the only woman who could get away with taunting him.

2) He loves women who have fears and insecurities, but ultimately she can be strong enough to overcome them and succeed in life

If you’re looking for a Cancer guy, (or if you’re a Cancer guy) most likely you carry the psychological archetype of “The Artist” as well.

This archetype is all about finding beauty where others see none.

So don’t be afraid to let Cancer man know that you aren’t perfect and you have your own issues. You simply must be able to overcome them and succeed in life.

3) He loves sweet, innocent women that make him feel comfortable in his skin

Cancer man is the epitome of the artist, so he needs a woman who can be sweet, yet still says what’s on her mind.

A cancer man isn’t afraid to be real with a strong and independent woman.

He loves being honest and straightforward  — as long as she makes him feel comfortable on his own.

4) Cancer man loves when women understand their own power

A cancer man craves a woman that has the same strengths that he does.

He wants a woman who is passionate and driven because his passion and drive are what drive behind her success as well.

He wants to feel like you have his back in all situations, so it’s important to him that you are strong enough to stand on your own two feet.

5) He loves women who don’t feel the need to constantly impress others and make them like her.

A cancer man loves a woman who isn’t afraid to be herself and just be happy doing her own thing.

Do Cancer man falls in love easily?

The question: Do cancer man falls in love easily?

The answer: No.

Cancer men are very passionate and emotional creatures, but they’re also quite sensitive to rejection due to their past relationships.

They may not be in touch with their emotions as much as other zodiac signs, but they do have them; all humans do!

Cancer men often need time to process the things that happen with those close to them and are even more cautious about who they trust.

Give him some time and he will open up – just don’t push him too hard.

Falling in love with a Cancerian man can be a romantic experience

A Cancer man is a sensitive guy with a deep, caring soul.

He is the cuddling type and will always make time for you to spend in his arms.

There is also a lot of emotional support that he can give when needed. As a Cancer man takes care of his emotions as well as his partner, you are reassured that your love will not be taken for granted.

That being said, surviving a Cancer man can be an emotional roller-coaster ride at times.

This article has given you a lot of insight into whether your Cancer man is serious about you. But understanding an issue can be just the beginning.

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