10 reasons your cat is afraid of something you can’t see

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No animal is more complicated than a cat.

One minute they’ll be purring next to you while you scratch their belly, the other they’re hissing and running away when something weird happens.

Cats are naturally curious animals but sometimes some things just seem too strange for them to trust.

There are a lot of things that you can’t see, but your cat can.

And to understand them better, well, here are 10 reasons why your cat is afraid of something you can’t see:

1) Your cat could be afraid of something you can’t see because they’re not used to it.

A cat’s fear of certain things can be triggered by anything new to them, like a change in their environment.

These are called “fear-induced anxiety” and can be caused by a number of different things.

One cause could be having a moving experience that causes stress like moving cross country.

Another possibility could be the dust particles in the air.

Dust particles accumulate in your home as you burn firewood, use a fireplace, or even cook.

Most cats have a higher sensory threshold than humans so they are more sensitive to dust particles.

So, when they see something that they can’t capture, they get a little freaked out.

If your cat has any of these anxiety-inducing triggers, make sure you’re keeping an eye out for signs of fear so you can help them get comfortable again as soon as possible.

2) If your cat is normally very timid, it may be more prone to being afraid of things it can’t see.

One way to help your timid cat is to expose it to new things gradually and in a safe environment.

For example, you could start by introducing your cat to new people at a different location than where they are normally comfortable around.

If they’re generally scared of the human race, try starting with a few people at one location over the course of several days.

If they’re usually scared of dogs, try starting with a few dogs at one location over the course of several days.

Once they’re comfortable with a few different people and dogs at one location, move them on to another similar environment (like moving from indoors to outdoors) and back again.

By doing this process gradually in a safe environment over time and not forcing your cat into situations that it might be afraid of, you’ll be able to help them overcome its fears.

3) Your cat may be afraid of something you can’t see because they’re unsure of what it is.

For cats, what they can’t see may be scaring them, so they hide or attack in an attempt to make themselves feel safe again.

In this case, fear should be addressed as soon as possible and dealt with in a way that makes your cat feel safe and secure.

As far as how to approach this issue, there are several things you can do.

First of all, if you’re seeing aggression from your cat, get help immediately.

Do not try to handle this on your own; it could lead to terrible consequences for you and your cat.

You should also attempt to find out what the issue is so that you can address it accordingly.

Once the fear is dealt with, keep a close watch on your cat so that they don’t have another reason to be fearful.

4) Cats are notorious for being afraid of loud noises, so if something is making a noise that your cat can’t see, they may be scared of it.

Cats are naturally curious creatures, so they will frequently investigate strange sounds and movements.

Cats have an extremely sensitive sense of hearing, which makes them more susceptible to high-pitched noises.

If you are watching a movie that has a lot of high-pitched sounds and your cat is in the room, it could be very frightening to them.

Another source of noise that may scare cats is house noises.

There are tons of different noises that come from your houses such as windows opening and closing, doors opening and closing, pipes banging, etc.

House noises may also include structural vibrations

Though you may not think about it, those materials can vibrate at different frequencies that can be quite disconcerting to cats since they can feel vibrations and are very sensitive to them.

So what must you do?

One way to help your cat deal with the fear is to keep them indoors when you hear loud noises.

By keeping them safe indoors, they can hide from the scary sounds and avoid the opportunity to get hurt.

Another way to help your cats deal with their fears is to slowly introduce them to what scares them.

5) If your cat is afraid of something you can’t see, it could be because they’re afraid of the dark.

Cats are nocturnal animals, so they prefer to rest during the night and sleep during the day.

Because they can’t see well in the dark, they hunt by sound, smell, and instinct and react to sudden changes in their environment.

If your cat is scared of something you can’t see (like a vacuum cleaner or loud noises) it could simply be scared of the dark.

The long dark hours of the night are terrifying to most cats.

Do you know that cats can see about 7 colors which is a considerable improvement over humans? They see red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple light.

Radiation from electric lighting gives off a different kind of light that cats can’t see and that can be extremely disturbing to them.

Plus, since they rely on their sense of smell, the lack of light makes it impossible for cats to track down their prey.

This explains why cats are scared of the dark.

So how can you help your cats from being afraid of the dark?

Try leaving the lights turned on at night, or even better: keep a night light burning.

It won’t bother you and it can help your cat be less afraid.

6) They’re afraid of heights.

If you live in a tall building, your cat may be afraid of heights. Many cats are afraid of high places and will choose to stay on the ground even if there’s no reason for it.

They may also be afraid of falling out of windows or doors.

This fear could be a result of the trauma they experienced when they were a kitten and were separated from their mother too early.

So if your cat has been traumatized from a bad fall, it could be afraid of heights.

Although cats have a better sense of balance than humans they are still afraid of falling.

They know that they’re safe at home, but if they’re standing on a cliff or tall building and see the ground below them; they might panic.

7) It’s also possible that your cat is afraid of something you can’t see because they’re afraid of being alone.

A cat’s natural instinct is to be alone. They may be acting out because they feel alone and afraid.

If you see your cat in a room by themselves, they may be feeling lonely and scared.

Back when cats lived in the wild, they lived in large groups of up to 20 cats.

They usually lived together for safety and protection from predators.

When people started living in houses with cats, they couldn’t live with them full time like they would have in the wild.

So now, that’s how we keep our cats’ company: by letting them out a few hours a day and giving them food and water.

That’s why it’s important to make sure you provide enough space for your cat to feel safe and secure.

8) Some cats may be afraid of something you can’t see because they don’t like the smell of it.

Be careful what you put by your cat’s food and water bowls.

Cats have a very good sense of smell so the scent of gasoline can be extremely disturbing to them.

If they are forced to eat or drink something that smells like gas, it could cause serious distress.

For example, a cat may be scared of certain food ingredients, such as onion or garlic.

Or the cat may be scared of the smell or sound of certain places, such as a certain room in your house.

Another smell cats hate is phantom odors.  Many non-smellable gases in the air are released from common household products such as cleaning supplies, carpets, and adhesives.

It’s possible that your cat smells these odors since they can’t always be seen with the human eye.

These non-smellable gases can be detected by cats and this can trigger their fear because it’s the cause of something that they can’t see.

In any case, you should try to find out what your cat is scared of and how best to avoid that object.

Some cats may not like this at first, but if they don’t shy away from the smell or try to run away from you, that could mean that they are less afraid of that object than they were before.

9) If your cat is afraid of something you can’t see, it could be because they’re afraid of being caught.

Your cat is most likely afraid of being caught in something or trapped.

To prevent them from getting stuck, try to keep their environment as clutter-free as possible.

One simple way to do this is by using a cat tree.

Cats love climbing trees, and it provides them with the opportunity to practice their climbing skills.

The tree also offers some privacy, which can help reduce the stress they feel when they feel like they’re becoming too much of a spectacle.

Another way to keep your cat from feeling trapped is by providing multiple escape routes.

If your cat spends most of their time indoors, an outdoor cat door for them to access the outdoors can help keep them from feeling trapped.

10) Lastly, your cat may sense a person’s negativity.

Can cats actually sense your negative energy?

It is believed that cats have the ability to sense negative energy in a person. People who are very empathetic and caring may not be able to hide their sadness even if they try.

Since cats are very sensitive animals, they can easily pick up on this kind of energy given off by humans, so it can be safe to say that they do sense negative energy from people as well.

They can sense the aura, which is the energy field that surrounds a person.

How do cats know what their owners are thinking and feeling?

One hypothesis put forward is that it is because cats have a “sixth sense” that allows them to sense what their owners feel.

The cat is able to identify when its owner needs comfort, love and solace.

But what if cats sense a toxic energy and spirituality from its owner?

Cats can show the negative energy of a human by being aggressive and sometimes even attacking humans.

There are cases where people who have been having a bad day, which is usually triggered by negative thoughts, let their cats out and the cats then go wild.

Pet owners may see this as being little aggressive but to the cat of course it is a direct response from the cat.

Cats can become more desperate when they sense that their owners are feeling unnatural negative emotion.

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And there you have it.

Hopefully, these reasons will help you understand your cats better and might as well urge you to check on your spiritual plight as it affects your cat too.

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