15 easy ways to make an Aries man miss you

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Making an Aries man miss you isn’t particularly difficult, but it does take some effort. It’s a delicate process.

Aries is a fiery, passionate lover. They need plenty of attention and ritual. But when you ignore an Aries, they will turn up the heat on you until they get what they want, or you give them the cold shoulder.

If you want to make your Aries man miss you like crazy, here are 15 helpful tips:

1) Flirt with other men

Aries men are fiercely jealous lovers and don’t take kindly to other men showing interest in you.

If he sees you can have any man you want, then the very idea of not having you is even more painful for him.

Aries men are fiercely competitive and will do anything to make their rivals squirm. If you shine like a bright star in his sky, the darkness is his world.

2) Be unpredictable

Aries men love a challenge and thrive on it. They need constant action and stimulation in order to feel excited about life.

If you go from being always available to him to be out of reach, it will keep him guessing. He’ll start to wonder if the magic is wearing off.

He’ll start to wonder if you don’t want him anymore.

He’ll start to miss you!

Aries men like to figure out what makes women tick. If you can give them a puzzle, he’ll want to be the one to solve it!

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4) Make him feel special

Be careful not to try to make Aries men feel unappreciated.

They need that you make them feel special, this doesn’t mean you have to shower them with gifts or pay all of their bills, just do things they enjoy like going out for a walk, watching a movie together, and cooking them a romantic meal at home.

Do things that show your affections for him and he will go crazy for you.

5) Be your own person

Aries men are proud men, so when they see that you’re independent and confident, they’ll love that you don’t try to mold them into someone else.

They want a woman who is confident in herself and doesn’t need them to be the center of attention.

Aries men love a woman who knows what she wants.

It makes them feel like they’ve got a less complicated girlfriend, who’s just as happy to hang out with her girlfriends as she is to spend the night at home.

6) Don’t fight him all the time

Aries men love being right, and they hate losing – but if you agree with him all the time and never argue, he’ll start to lose interest in you quickly.

Try to let him win once in a while if you want more of him! They also love it when girls challenge them and bring out their emotions – after all, they’re on fire!

7) Let him see you without makeup

Even though Aries men like to see you look good, they love you, even more, when you’re looking as plain and beautiful as you did before.

Having a bare face shows your affection for him and is just a sweet gesture for the man who’s always fighting to win your heart.

This will make him even more excited about being in your life, and he’ll start to make plans to get back in touch with you!

8) Keep your cool around him

This will make an Aries man want to make you lose your cool. He will want to see you get so angry that your face turns red and puffy, or your eyes well up with tears.

He won’t understand why you’re so cool when he feels like his life is blowing up in smoke.

Do your best to keep quiet, even when you’re angry.

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9) Show him a side of you that he’s never seen before

Get him to meet all of your friends, family, and even your boss!

When Aries men know that they’re loved by everyone in your life and that you couldn’t live without them – then they start to realize the true depth of their own feelings.

He’ll wonder how he could have ever thought about losing you.

10) Don’t let him think that you’re good enough for him

This is where you come into play.

Don’t let him think you’re a goddess and that he’s undeserving of you.

Show him that there is plenty of other fish in the sea. This will make him feel like he has to compete for your affection and make him try his hardest to win you over!

11) Make him feel comfortable around you

Aries men naturally don’t like to be seen coming up in the world.

They feel that they’ll lose their place in the world if they don’t stay on top of things.

If this is the case for him, then you can make him feel comfortable around you by giving him plenty of opportunities to show off his oratorical skills and make him feel that he’s equal in your life.

12) Don’t let him know you’re taking advantage of him

Aries men are the type to be driven by their emotions, and they believe that those emotions should be shared with everyone.

If he sees that you’re taking advantage of him and being weak in your relationship, he’ll question whether or not you really love him.

13) Be flirty with him

Aries men are the type to be driven by their instincts.

They’re constantly on edge and willing to do anything that will make the game more exciting.

So when you flirt with him, he’ll feel like you’re just as happy being in love with him as he is with you. And it won’t take long before his desire for you come flying back!

14) He’ll need to feel like he’s “on top of the world”

Aries men live to be on top of their game, and they like to feel that they have all of the control.

But if you make him feel like he’s been knocked down a few pegs or has lost something, then he won’t feel good about himself.

Be sure that your actions in the relationship don’t bring him down. Don’t let him think he doesn’t have anything to offer you!

15) Be positive around him

Aries men are the type that finds negativity and gloominess very unattractive.

If you’re always worried and talking about all the things that aren’t going your way, then he’ll want to get as far away from you as possible!

So even when things aren’t going your way, be positive and happy. He’ll wonder why he ever gave you up in the first place!

How do you know if an Aries man loves you?

Aries man’s love is easy to notice because the traits that make him a standout are pretty obvious.

Aries man in love is the type of guy you could have fun with. He is charming, flirtatious, and often flaunts his muscular body in front of you.

They will protect you but also has a way with words that can make you feel special.

When Aries man loves you, you’ll feel his warm heart and energetic spirit all around you.

How do I text an Aries man to get attention?

Aries men are very masculine and tend to be blunt.

They aren’t much for drama and being sensitive so you need to ensure that your texts with him never fall into that category.

The best way to catch an Aries man’s attention is to keep it short and sweet. If you want your Aries man to respond, don’t make it a huge struggle for him.

To keep your text interaction with an Aries man as simple as possible.

How to keep an Aries man interested?

So you’ve finally got the attention of an Aries and now you need to know how to keep it. \

If you think this is going to be easy, then think again. Aries are passionate, unpredictable, and relentless individuals who love a challenge. You’re in for a wild ride!

Here are some tips on how to keep them interested:

• Make sure that your relationship is fun for him; if it’s not him spending time with you will start to feel like work.

Always be honest and trustworthy! Aries will always remember this more than anything else. Aries will always go to the person they believe is most trustworthy. If you keep pushing lies and deceit on them, this will be the reason for your demise more than anything else.

• Comfort him when he feels like nothing is going right.

Try to work together on a project! This will add a new meaning to the relationship and it will give both of you something extra that you can work on together.

What should you do now?

Aries men are often seen as ambitious and daring. They are the man who constantly makes the first move, gets right to the point, and is not afraid to take action where others may be hesitant.

The Aries man knows his strengths, takes control in a relationship, and remains confident in themselves no matter what.

Aries men are likely to be successful when it comes to love as well; they have a magnetic attraction that usually draws women near them like moths to a flame.

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