Do soulmates dream about each other? The surprising truth

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Some people believe that soulmates are destined to be together, no matter what. 

Others believe that your soulmate is the person who is meant for you, but until you meet them in any way, shape or form, you’ll never know if a romantic connection could ever happen. 

So how can we possibly know if our partners are our true soulmates? What does the idea of soulmates mean? Can you see your soulmate through dreams or can they see you through theirs?

To answer these questions, let’s look at some of the most common aspects of a soulmate connection and see what it means when those traits are present in both people’s dreams.

When you dream about your soulmate

Dreams are often a reflection of what is happening in our lives and our relationships. Just like how you can dream about a person for no reason or have someone in your dreams after seeing them once, you can dream about someone because of the similarities between your two lives.

Soulmates are the people who match up with the important aspects of your personality (for example, if you’re confident, they likely are too). When you look at your soulmate, you see yourself and vice versa.

Dreaming about your partner is not an absolute sign that they’re your soulmates, but it certainly means that there are strong enough romantic feelings to have them in your dreams. 

When you dream about your soulmate, they will be your counterpart in every aspect of your life.

In one of the stages of a relationship, where you’re in love with someone who is not your soulmate, the dreams may feel more like jealousy. This often happens when one partner starts doubting a relationship’s feelings and both people are experiencing the same doubts at the same time.

When you dream about soulmates, it’s a sign that there is a deep connection between the two of you. It means that there is something special and unique between the two of you that no one else could offer and would never have otherwise found or created by themselves.

When your soulmate dream about you

Being confused about soulmates or their meaning is common among young people. 

Some people don’t even think that soulmates exist and look at it as an excuse to deny the possibility of someone being able to fall in love with them. If this is your situation, it’s probably best to just accept the fact that there are people who are meant for us and stay true to yourself and others.

Let me remind you that a soulmate connection is so strong that it often comes up in our dreams, even if it wasn’t there before. 

Moreover, a soulmate connection is such a mystery that we can only speculate about its meaning. This can be reflected in soulmate dreams, where we see not just the person who is destined to be with us, but also our own version of them.

You see, when your soulmate dreams about you, the initial stage happens when you’re both just getting to know each other. In this stage, there is a lot of uncertainty in the relationship and you are trying to figure out what it means to be with each other and what your life will become. 

When someone is seeing their soulmate in a dream, they are seeing themself from their perspective as well.

How to recognize your soulmate

Dreams about your soulmate can be very vivid that the next time you see the face that you saw in your dreams, you will be able to recognize them. 

However, this does not mean that everyone who appears in your dreams during the early stages of a connection is your true soulmate. The real test comes when everything is falling into place and you’re looking back at the dream to see if there are more signs of your soulmate.

Through repeated dreams, you start to recognize the parts of your soulmate. 

But how can you know for sure you’ve met your soulmate, “the one” you’re supposed to be with?

The truth is:

Unless you know for sure, you could end up wasting emotions and time on a relationship with someone who isn’t right for you.

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How soulmate dreams really work

Many people dream about the most random to the most insignificant things. That’s because dreams are a representation of our mind, which works out everything subconsciously. 

When you dream about your soulmate, it will be repetitively based on their feelings, personality, lifestyle and all the things they have in common with you.

So the first time you dream about your soulmate or they dream about you, it will be a little difficult to pick up on as you are still at the very beginning of a connection. 

But the weird thing is you can clearly see their face, especially when they’re happy.

This happens almost every time you dream about your soulmate. 

The idea is that, instead of being a projection of your subconscious, your soulmate is a projection of their subconscious. 

This means that the dream you have with your soulmate will show a part of them from their own perspective.

Just think of it this way in a dream: Imagine a huge mirror that can show parts of your life, but also the life of another person. 

When you see your soulmate in a dream, they are seeing their own version of you from their perspective – the dreams will all be a bit different and reflect what is happening in the two people’s lives separately.

It’s this kind of unexpected connection that makes soulmate dreams so meaningful and special. 

You might often dream about your soulmate but don’t know why.

No matter how different we may think we are from each other, at heart we are all very similar.

For example, matching clothes and similar physical attributes are common in all dreams, but they can only reflect traits that are found in both partners. 

These kinds of dreams often mean that you or your soulmate were thinking about the other at the time of the dream or that you two were physically close by during that time period. You may have even seen them on social media or heard their name before.

10 signs that two soulmates are dreaming of each other

1) You often dream about the same events or places

Isn’t that weird when you recognize the place in your dreams?

When you have a soulmate dream, it may seem like it’s happening to you for real or as if it’s real life for someone else. 

Picture this: you can be dreaming about going to your favorite coffee shop and then you wake up, dress up and go to this place and realize that your soulmate is there too. 

This could be a sign that you are both thinking of each other at the same time or that the two of you have been physically close to each other before the shared dream.

So when you recognize a place in your dream as being a place where both you and your soulmate hang out, this is an indication that your soulmate is also dreaming about you.

2) A fact about them is in your dreams

This can also happen with their name and it’s not just a coincidence either. 

There are certain names that have multiple meanings in different cultures, so if you dreamt about that name or have thought of the name before and haven’t even met them yet, it’s possible they’re your soulmate.

This often happens when you’re both on a spiritual journey together and the other person’s not even aware of it. 

Dreams that are repeatable through time are very important in showing feelings for each other. This message is about our connection with our soulmate being strong enough for this dream to appear over and over again in different variations.

3) You have an affinity for a certain topic

When you have a soulmate dream, it may seem weird that both of you are talking about one particular topic.

For example, if both of you have a soulmate dream about food or eating, then it’s most likely that the two of you are thinking about food at some point during your shared dream. 

There are certain themes that are common to both soulmates when they dream about each other. Such as being in sync or both being in a side-by-side stance that hasn’t really happened before. 

4) You’re talking about an event you’ve both experienced

The two of you may have had a similar experience at some point, which is why each of you had a dream about the same exact event or situation. 

Have you had an interaction with someone and don’t remember their face but know you talked to them in your dream or dreamt of the same scenario? That could be your soulmate.

Or, you and your soulmate have gone through similar experiences or have the same taste in music and you dreamt about one another listening to it.

Notice these kinds of things when you have a soulmate dream.

But, our memory can only hold so much information that sometimes, we may just forget.

This can happen with your soulmate dreams, especially if the two of you tend to compartmentalize your thinking and separate it from another. 

When this happens, you will both have a similar dream about some event or place that the two of you have both experienced, based on the fact that each of you has a similar mindset in relation to it. 

Your subconscious can only tell us so much, but when we get something from our souls, it’s pretty amazing.

5) You have a shared prophetic dream

Have you had an experience with a loved one or encountered a vision or prophetic dream that matches with your soulmate to this day? 

This is all part of the divine coincidence we mentioned earlier. One of the best signs that two soulmates are dreaming of each other is when you experience a prophetic dream, as this can only happen with two people who are sympathetically aligned. 

A prophetic dream is an experience where your body and spirit merge, you’re given a message or vision that affects the course of your life. 

What’s so cool about prophetic dreams is how they tie in with your spiritual purpose in the big scheme of things and how we are always guided by divine guidance and what’s meant for us to experience at this time in our lives.

This is an amazing sign that two souls are dreaming of each other and that this is something that is meant to be! When two people dream of each other often, there’s a possibility of meeting them in person eventually.

6) You feel as if you are watching over them 

Dreams that show being able to protect someone else while they’re asleep show how much more connected your souls are than others.

When you find yourself dreaming about protecting them while they’re sleeping, when they’re injured or sick, this could only mean that your souls are both dreaming of each other. 

This kind of dream shows how close the two of you are and that you’re both protected in more ways than one. 

But if you need more guidance with this, a sketch of your soulmate’s face may be a good idea, and trust me, it will be clearer to you who is your real soulmate.

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7) You feel as if you’re sharing a body with your soulmate

This is another example of something that happens when two soulmates are dreaming of each other. In this instance, dreams where the two of you are sharing the same body, often show a feeling of intimacy between the two of you

Another way to say this could be that the two souls feel like they can share everything with each other and don’t mind sharing their bodies while they’re asleep too. Often in these kinds of dreams, when you look at your soulmate, they’re looking back at you with a sympathetic feeling. 

It seems that in these types of dreams, the two of you have a deep connection on a more spiritual level

8) You feel as if you’re on an adventure together

Dreams where you walk together and talk about your future, often show that both of you are spiritually connected and have a strong physical connection. Sometimes, both of you may even be able to communicate with each other in your dreams. 

This kind of dream is a good example of two soulmates who are dreaming of each other and having a good time doing it too. 

But whether or not the two of you have been together in person yet, this is all part of the process, this is how we prepare ourselves for meeting our soulmate. Remember that divine timing has everything to do with it.

9) You dream about them as your Guardian Angel 

Some people and even cultures believe that we are able to dream of our guardian angels. 

When we do, it’s because there is a positive energy around us in the form of their souls. This is a powerful sign that we are on the right path and will be able to meet our soulmate before the end of this current year. 

It could be that you’re dreaming about your guardian angel in one way or another, as a result of being inspired by them in some way. Maybe someone told you about their experience with them or you saw something inspiring when researching angels. 

But, it does show that in your quest for a soulmate, you are making positive steps and are bringing out the best in you. The two of you are then very close to meeting each other physically. 

10) You have a feeling of knowing them personally or having a connection with them immediately

When you just meet someone and feel as if you’ve known them for years, this is a big sign that your souls are dreaming about each other. 

This is especially common when you find out your soulmate lives across the country from you. So why do you feel such a connection with them as if your souls have met? 

It’s all about the timing, and you may have also met them as your soulmate in another lifetime. You just don’t remember it. With this, you’re both excited about the new journey ahead and that you are very close to meeting each other physically. 

You see, once a soulmate connection starts, it won’t go away until you meet each other. When you meet your soulmate, it’s amazing how it happens so naturally.

The two of you will feel as if you’ve known each other your whole life and this is just a continuation of a relationship that was cut short in the past.

Final thoughts

This is purely my theory, but I think that uniting with your soulmate is a sign that you are on the path to a life of wellness and spiritual fulfillment. 

Whenever two people dream about each other, it’s usually because there is something happening in their lives that connects them spiritually in some way, which then starts a chain reaction that ends up manifesting itself into a physical connection. 

As we have seen above, this can be anything from having prophetic dreams to experiencing the feeling of being on an adventure together or seeing each other in person and feeling strangely connected. 

That being said, I wish this helped you start exploring more about your soulmate, as well as gave you an understanding of how our dreams have meaning for us in our lives.

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