Everything you should know about dating a Gemini woman

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Gemini women on the whole are very complicated individuals with many different facets that sometimes make it difficult for people to understand them.

If you are looking to start dating a Gemini woman, then this article is for you.

There are things you should know before getting involved in a serious relationship with a Gemini woman.

Keep reading and you will find out.

1) Be aware of the Gemini women’s emotions

As highly intelligent as they are, they can be extremely erratic when it comes to their emotions.

Although they will always try and hide them, you need to be aware that they may change quickly.

These changes may include something as simple as a sudden change in interest or motivation for the relationship and sometimes they can even come along with just a vague hint of deception without any concrete proof of how or why they might have done so.

2) Gemini women like trying new things

The Gemini women are very adventurous, so you can expect them to try a lot of new things in their lifetime.

For example, they may try smoking an occasional cigarette or drinking alcohol.

They might also try making new friends, and depending on what they are interested in, you might also find them trying things that may seem strange to you.

These are all common traits for Gemini women.

They actually try a lot of weird things just to see how they feel and they usually like them.

This means that you need to be constantly on your toes in the relationship because they will have new things to teach you almost every day.

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4) Gemini women will always surprise you with something new

If they say they don’t like something one day, don’t take it for granted that the next time you see them they’ll still have the same attitude about it.

That’s because for the Gemini women, what they say about something or someone can change completely from one day to the next.

This is normal for them and there’s really no need to worry about it.

There’s no way for them to be consistent, so it’s best that you just accept the fact that they are always going to be spontaneous and unpredictable.

5) Dates don’t really mean anything

As much as they’d like to, the Gemini women don’t really see the big deal in a date.

A place to have fun and get to know each other better is all they really look for when they go on dates with men.

They don’t care much about trivial things like a fancy restaurant or overpriced gifts because they’ll most likely just be used as decorations in her home.

Dinner and a movie are all they need to relieve that itch for excitement to see the man they are attracted to.

They will usually use the opportunity to let you know how they feel about you, but it may come out as if it were nothing more than an innocent question or even a joke.

6) Avoid arguing with the Gemini women if possible

This may be really hard to do because they can be very stubborn and they can hold a grudge against you for a long time.

Arguing with them is like pouring gasoline onto an already ignited fire.

You’ll eventually see flames and you’ll wish it was never started in the first place, so if you want to avoid unnecessary arguments, just don’t start them with her.

7) Gemini women absolutely love attention

Gemini women love to be in the spotlight, where all eyes are on them. They love to be the center of attention and they’ll do anything to get there.

If you give them the attention she wants, you will be able to see how happy and satisfied they feel, but if you ignore them or deny them, they will feel like something is wrong with them, and that might make them leave the relationship before it even has a chance to begin.

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8) Listen to the Gemini women attentively

Gemini women talk a lot so it’s only fair that you listen to what they have to say too.

They have a lot of things on their mind and it’s much easier for them to say them out loud than think about them in silence.

So if you really want to see their smile and find out what they want, give them your undivided attention.

If you have something else to do, tell them and then let them know when you’re available again.

They will appreciate that you’re making an effort to understand them and make things easier for both of you.

9) Gemini women love surprises

Try surprising the Gemini women with something new.

If there’s something you’d like to do together that’s a little different from the usual routine, let them know and make it a surprise.

It will definitely make them happy and if you tell them what you want to do, they won’t have any regrets about not doing it with the man they want.

10) Compliment the Gemini women often

Complimenting a Gemini woman is easy because she loves attention, so don’t be shy about telling her how great she looks or how amazing she is every time you see her.

If you want to make a Gemini woman happy, you’ll have to pamper her and treat her like a queen!

She will not accept anything less than the best from her partner so if this doesn’t work for you, you have to tell her before getting too attached!

11) Gemini women are very grounded people and they’re always on time

If you’re late for appointments, it will be very difficult for her to forgive you because she sees being on time as a sign of respect and decency.

12) Gemini women love to flaunt their beauty

Because they’re so attracted to beauty, Gemini women will always try to make themselves look more attractive than they are by dressing in the best clothes they can find!

If you’re dating a Gemini woman, you should make sure that she’s got the latest fashions in her closet so that she looks and feels her best on every occasion!

She’s very sensitive to being insulted and called ugly, so don’t do that. You would be surprised to see how upset she might get over that.

13) Gemini women hate being at home because they always want to do something

If it’s not possible for them to go anywhere, they won’t be able to sit still or relax.

Gemini women love to travel and learn about new places and meet new people.

If you can provide them with a good reason to go on a trip with you, they will be glad to go.

14) Gemini women can be very dominating at times

Gemini women are not shy about getting what they want and this includes control over certain situations and people around them.

This can sometimes come across as a little bossy, which is not appealing to potential partners.

They might think that they are being nice and helpful, but they are not.

People do not like to be told what to do. It doesn’t matter how many good intentions are behind it.

15) You need to understand that they are two sides of the same coin

A lot of Gemini women can be very hard to read.

They’re usually extremely intelligent, articulate, and charming but can also be incredibly fickle.

Their personality traits often fluctuate throughout the day so you’ll either get a very nice and kind girl or a very cold and quiet one.

Sometimes, you won’t know which side is going to show up!

16) Gemini women can be incredibly flirty and seductive

A lot of Gemini women are very flirtatious by nature and they will try to attract as many men as possible because it boosts their self-esteem.

Gemini women will never limit themselves when it comes to men.

They like to be loved by many men and they will never put any kind of restrictions on their love life.

17) Gemini women are very impatient

One of the biggest problems with Gemini women is that they get very impatient when things don’t go their way.

They have a very short attention span so you will need to keep them on track and focused because if you don’t, they’ll lose interest very quickly.

18) Gemini women are very ambitious

Gemini women want to be the best at everything and they like to show people that they can accomplish anything that they set their minds to!

They will not hesitate to take on new tasks because they don’t want to be left out and they believe that by finishing these tasks, they will show others how smart and capable of handling a difficult situation they really are.

This is something you should accept before getting into a serious relationship with them.

19) Gemini women like to be very mysterious

Love and romance are very private things for a Gemini woman and she’ll be very reluctant to share them with anyone unless it’s something that you have shared as well.

Gemini women like to keep their love lives very private and they will not hesitate to pull back on whatever you’ve shared with them if they suspect that you might take it the wrong way.

They like to keep their love life all to themselves.

20) Gemini women like challenges when it comes to love

Gemini women are always looking for someone who will keep them stimulated and engaged with their love life.

They want you to keep them guessing, they want you to challenge them, and they want to challenge themselves.

Is dating a Gemini woman good?

If you have the opportunity to date a Gemini woman who is known for being extremely flirtatious, mysterious, and sometimes unreliable, this can be an attractive quality for some men. 

But if you are looking for long-term commitment this may not be the best option for you.

Generally speaking, Geminis typically have a hard time committing themselves to anything because they are always seeking new things or experiences.

Geminis can also change their minds too quickly and start pulling away when they feel like they cannot offer enough affection at the moment.

In terms of dating, make sure you always know where the relationship stands and never take her for granted.

Geminis make excellent partners in the bedroom, but they may not always be able to offer you long-term commitment.

Do Gemini women fall in love easily?

Gemini women have many relationships in their lives, and it is often hard for them to choose one person or stay with one person for a long time.

Although Gemini women are better at relationships than most, sometimes they can confuse love with infatuation and fall in love quickly.

They will even do things that they never thought of doing before the relationship because of her impulsiveness on this side of her personality.

Would you like to know more about Gemini women? If so, keep reading.

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