Is angel number 1111 a pregnancy number? The truth revealed

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Are you thinking about conceiving a baby and seeing angel number 1111?

Or, are you already pregnant and you keep noticing the number 1111 around you?

The good news is that – pregnant or not – this number speaks of positive changes in your life and its energy is quite powerful.

The bad news?

To make sure you’re getting the message right, you’ll have to analyze the implications of this sequence of numbers and how it may apply to your life.

Don’t worry though!

With my help and based on numerological facts, you’ll soon understand the meaning of 1111 for you.

But first,

What does the angel number 1111 mean?

In general, seeing angel number 1111 means you’re dealing with powerful forces – the positive kind.

How so?

You see, this number is made of two master numbers, 11 and 11.

And according to Joanne Sacred Scribes, “Master Number 11 is usually called the Illuminator, the Messenger or the Teacher.”

What’s more, she further emphasizes that while seeing this powerful number, what you need to do is pay attention to your thoughts and ideas.

Why is that?

Well, you might be receiving a confirmation that your prayers were heard or a message about something that’s been on your mind.

If that’s not the case, then angel number 1111 could be referring to new beginnings, creation, independence, individuality, and even love.

You might fall in love, take a new job, or start a family.

In fact, seeing it could be a sign that you are now capable of creating your own reality.

But beware: this doesn’t mean that you can manifest good only.

Overall, angel number 1111 is most likely telling you to expect positive changes that will affect your life and its purpose.

Are angel numbers relevant for pregnancy?

Let’s think about this…

If each number has a meaning and angel numbers appear to send a message, then seeing any angel number while thinking about pregnancy is relevant, right?

Depending on what numbers you’re seeing, you can analyze their meaning one by one and try to find the most likely explanation for them.

While it’s true that certain angel numbers are more meaningful for pregnancy than others, I don’t believe that any of them is completely irrelevant.

Angel number 1111 can be relevant for a woman trying to conceive, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the only relevant angel number. For example, angel numbers 222, 333, 611, 711, and 1818 are all related to pregnancy.

Seeing them while trying to get pregnant or are already pregnant is evidence that you’re surrounded by angels who want the best for you.

But know this: You might be urged to take action.

So, let’s take a look at what angel number 1111 really means for pregnancy:

10 things angel number 1111 means for pregnancy

1) You are pregnant

First of all, angel number 1111 could show itself to you as a messenger that you are pregnant.

You might not be aware of it when you see this number, but if conceiving a baby was already on your mind, then you can take it as a confirmation.

As mentioned before, angel number 1 is associated with new beginnings and creation, therefore it directly refers to conceiving a baby.

But why does it appear 4 times?

To understand that, let’s see what angel number 4 (1+1+1+1) represents:

“Angel Number 4 is an indication that your angels are offering you love, support, encouragement, and inner strength, enabling you to do what you need to do and achieve your goals with diligence and proficiency, ” says Joanne Sacred Scribes.

In other words, if your goal is to conceive a baby, then seeing angel number 1111 is a sign that you are supported or that it has already happened.

2) Your thoughts about your baby will come true

Seeing angel number 1111 could also be a warning sign.

You see, number 1 resonates with the energy of creating your own reality. And that’s done through thoughts.

Your thoughts affect the reality you manifest, so seeing angel number 1111 means that you’re now capable of creating the life your heart desires.

However, it could also be a warning sign in the sense that your negative thoughts can manifest as well.

So, when seeing this number, it might be a sign that you should take care of your thoughts so that they don’t prevent you from bringing your dream to life.

Just like many things in life, negative thinking has the power to destroy. When you’re thinking negatively, you’re creating negative energy and vibrations around yourself. As a result, negative things happen.

So, do your best to avoid that.

3) You are receiving an awakening code

Numerologically speaking, angel number 1111 supports the awakening process.

But how is that connected to pregnancy?

An awakening involves growing to a new level in your life, so seeing this number is definitely an indication that you’re about to realize something new.

However, this angel number is up for interpretation and it means something different for every person who sees it.

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4) You’re going to have a baby boy

Look, I know this is a bold statement, but hear me out.

According to the numerological meaning of the number 1, it resonates with masculine attributes.

What does this mean?

Well, angel number 1111 could be a sign that you’re going to have a baby boy or a baby girl with masculine attributes.

To be more precise, if you’re seeing this number, it might be a sign of a baby boy – in the sense that you will have a strong, independent, and determined child.

Or, it might simply be a sign that your baby is a boy.

5) You’re pregnant with twins

Seeing angel number 1111 could be an indication that you’re going to have twins.

How so?

1111 is considered a mirror number, meaning that it consists of two master numbers. Each of these numbers could represent a child.

According to the Number Academy, master numbers are highly spiritual and symbolize a highly evolved individual or soul. Therefore, seeing angel number 1111 could be an indication that you’re carrying the bodies of two highly evolved souls.

It could mean that you’re going to have twins and that their souls are going to be connected from birth.

6) You’re ready for motherhood

Want to know more?

Well, seeing angel number 1111 could be a confirmation that you’re ready for motherhood.

Number 1 symbolizes being able to create something new, so it’s also associated with creativity. And that’s why motherhood is a creative act.

Being a good mother means being able to create something new and unique – your children!

Based on this information, seeing angel number 1111 could be an indication that you’re about to become a mother soon… or already are one and ready for it.

7) Your child’s life path number will be 11

Another possible meaning behind angel number 1111 is that your child’s life path number will be 11.

Let me explain:

According to, “Your Life Path number represents who you are at your core – the person you are spending this lifetime learning to become. It is derived from the numbers of your birth date and influences you your entire life.”

So, how can you calculate one’s life path number?

“Your birth date is made up of three parts – the month, day, and year – and your Life Path number is essentially a sum of these numbers.”

So there you have it. You could solve a simple math equation and find out your child’s birthdate.

However, keep in mind that this is just a probable meaning of seeing angel number 1111 for pregnancy.

8) Everything will go great unless you’re negative

Here are another thing angel number 1111 means for pregnancy:

Seeing this number could be a warning sign that everything will go great unless you’re negative.

You see, being in a positive mindset is what will create positive energy. And positive energies create positive results.

So, your chances of having a healthy pregnancy are great, as long as you are positive… and that’s why seeing this number could be a sign that negative thoughts are going to ruin everything.

If you’d like to know the real consequences of having a negative thought pattern for you and your baby and how to stop it, you may find a Psychic Source of great help.

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They can see what your intention is, know your dreams and bring them to life – with their guidance!

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9) You should take care of your body

You might be wondering, how is seeing this number connected with pregnancy?

Well, according to numerology and the meaning of angel number 1111, you’re going to have a healthy baby but you shouldn’t neglect your health.

In other words, taking good care of your body is important.

However, it’s not just about eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

You also need to take care of your mind and soul. So, get rid of unwanted bad habits and learn how to be positive.

Being negative is like throwing a wet blanket on your positive energies, so anything that makes you feel better is going to help to create positive energy.

10) You’re not alone

Seeing angel number 1111 may be a sign that there is someone or something that’s going to help you during this journey of pregnancy.

That’s why seeing number 1111 could mean that you’re not alone – because there is someone by your side who wants to see you succeed and become the best mother possible.

This person can be your partner, family member, or a close friend.

However, you should know that it’s not going to be easy to stay positive and happy during pregnancy.

But I’m sure that with the help of someone who truly cares about you and your baby, you’ll reach your goal!

Seeing angel number 1111 repeatedly – what now?

If having a baby is on your mind and seeing angel number 1111 is happening on a regular basis, this is likely an indication that you will get pregnant.

However, since there are so many different meanings associated with it, there are a few steps that you can take to make things easier for you.

The first thing would be to listen to your intuition. If there is something you really want, a baby for example, and you’re feeling that seeing this number is a good omen, then let it guide you.

Or, if you know for a fact that you’re already pregnant and you see this number repeatedly, tap into your inner voice and see what it has to say.

The message could be about the angel supporting you or something else. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to how you’re feeling whenever you’re thinking about the meaning of 1111 or seeing it.

The second thing would be to take a logical and analytical approach and use numerology to decipher the message you’re getting.

Regardless of your situation, don’t lose faith in yourself and the angels!

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